Is Wood Burning Stove Cost Efficient?


Whenever we think of a wood burning stove, we think of a potbelly emitting smoke. Generally the stove used to be kept in the corner of the room or a cabin located at the backward of the house. The heating bills used to soar high.

The present day’s wood burning stoves have come a revolutionary way and are up to 80% more efficient. They meet the U.S Environmental Protection Agency Emission guidelines. The energy bills are also lowered to a great extent.

The modern method of zoned heating ensures equal heating in all the rooms. It is regarded that the best use of a wood stove that is energy efficient arrives from the supplementing of the present source of heat like gas or electricity.

It is better to keep in mind that a single wood stove may not efficiently heat up each and every room and long hallways, especially if the house is too big in size with lots of separate rooms.

Let’s sum up the utility of modern wood burning stove:

Wood burning stoves can heat homes ranging from approximately 400 sq. ft. to around 3,000 sq. ft. It depends on the home’s layout and the stove’s size.

There are some optional fans that circulate air into the entire room and around the firebox. These fans help in abolishing the cold spots and spreading the warmth.

One can install the prefabricated chimney pipes anywhere like in the front of the subsisting hearth.

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If one use an energy-efficient wood burning stove, he/she can save approximately 10% to 40% of the annual cost of heating. In fact, the cost of a wood stove bought from a renowned company can range from approximately $3,000 to $4,200 along with the stovepipe and the fitting.

The cost of small wood stove can cost approximately $1,000. The stainless steel model can come at an approximate price of $10,000.

If one is using an energy efficient wood stove as an additive source of heating, he/she should expect to burn 2 to 5 cords of wood every heating season. The output of heat varies as per the firewood type.

One is expected to spend approximately $150 – $350 for the delivery and stacking of a cord of hardwood.

You have to be sure of the availability of the fireplace permits before deciding a certain agency for fireplace installation. There are few states that limit the fireplace permits number that they used to distribute to the present buildings lacking fireplaces. The constructors are required to do a research and see if any permit is needed before the starting of the constructor. Even, the home buyers should enquire about the details of permits.

Once the permit is received and the construction organization is hired, wait for few days for the completion of the whole process. Along with the installation of the fireplace unit, the drywall should be knocked down for allowing the ventilation system and also the new chimney directly on the top of the fireplace. Once the drywall is replaced, the operation is ready.

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It is not necessary to install an entire brick chimney for a wood stove. Mostly, the contractors of the fireplace install a thin stainless steel pipe that is leading up through the roof of the house. The cost of the pipe can be approximately $45.

If we focus on the wall covering, it is said that it protects the drywall from the heat. The cost of the 15 sf piece of covering may range approximately $10.

Don’t forget that the wood stoves require a non-combustible base. Wood stoves are needed to be separated as they are extremely hot for tiles, stones, wood, etc. The price varies based on the materials . Ask about any query to the fireplace proficient to avoid any mishap in the future.

The best part of buying a wood burning stove is that it will never be outdated in the matter of style and efficiency. The smell of the burning wood, enjoyment of the cozy warm atmosphere, thrills of roasting turkey, mushrooms, etc. in the evening gathering, sweet crackles, the pleasure of chopping and stacking wood from own home’s backyard and the traditional look of the wood fireplaces make wood stoves as one of the favorite choice of people all over the world.

Other methods of home heating affects the energy costs to a large extent, but wood burning fireplaces don’t influence it. The main reason is that it doesn’t make use of any heat or electricity. Moreover, wood burning fireplaces save energy costs through reduction of the heat in the winter.

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Many currently designed wood burning fireplaces are very costly, but are the most efficient in nature. Again, if you can afford the cost, you can buy one of them and add a chimney also which will cost around $8,000.

Finally, always maintain and clean your wood burning fireplace on a regular basis. Call an expert for the needful.

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