How The Teacher Can Help Students Who Are Weak In Their Studies To Succeed In Life?

teacher with students

It’s very important to have a good rapport with students. Students mainly depend on teachers. They take teachers as their role model and try to follow their footpath. Some students succeed in their attempts but some find it very difficult to achieve their goal. We know that in olden days there were no such good relations with teachers. Students always kept a distance with teachers. But in this modern era, everything has changed people take this relationship to the new level. In this modern era students expects teachers to be friendly and to communicate with them with ease. It’s very difficult for teachers to draw a line between teacher and students because students are now so broad-minded that they want their teacher to be friendly. If they like a particular teacher they will show interest in that particular teacher’s subject. If a teacher is rude and not showing any positive impact on them then naturally they will avoid such teacher’s class. So after parents students gives importance to teachers word. In another way, we can say that teachers are more important to students when comparing to their parents nowadays. Because they share everything with the teacher and it’s a big relief to students. I am a teacher and I always keep a friendly relation with students. I teach and give them some free time to have a rapport with me. It brings us close enough and also brings the subject in their favorite list. So it’s very important to have a friendly rapport and communication with students. So it’s the responsibility of the teacher to motivate and encourage students to achieve their dreams and live a successful life. In class, no one is the same in nature and also in IQ. Everyone has their own character and their own way of studying. So if there are some weak students teacher must help them to come forward.

Motivation with words

The main thing that a teacher must do is motivating. It’s very important to a child that the teacher is interested in that particular student’s performance. Talk to them ask their interest in their hobbies and related to other matters. When a teacher talks naturally it boosts their energy and surely they will try to do something about their subject. They will show interest in that particular subject and it’s not easy for a teacher to make an introvert child talk but teacher have that responsibility to make them share their feelings and their thoughts related to particular topic. When they feel that teacher count them and expect some good marks they will try to impress the teacher and will try their best to score good marks.

Share some inspiring stories

The teacher must share some inspirational real-life stories to the students so that they will be able to understand that no one is born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Everyone has their stories of hardship and difficulties. Students must be able to understand that through their hard work they can reach their destination and they will also able to live a successful life. There are some many stories related to famous people who struggled in their academic career and worked hard to reach their aim and now they are the famous personality of our country. So, inspirational stories will really show a positive impact on students.

Reward them when they do well

It’s another basic strategy to impress students. Reward them when they perform well in their academicals performance. It will boost them with confidence and they will maintain that good work throughout their academicals career. It is the excellent strategy to motivate student’s performance. Find out what’s the most important they need at that particular time and reward them they will feel that useful and they will try to impress the teacher.

Give them responsibility

If the student is weak in performance and not doing good in academicals careered take such students and give them some responsibility related to the classroom. Maybe leadership may be put them in discipline committee cleaning committee make them the leader of the particular committee. They must be open to the teacher when they get responsibility teacher can observe their performance and also will be able to evaluate their talent so such techniques will help a teacher to motivate the weak child in the class.


If a particular child not showing any interest in any subject not even trying then the teacher must talk o, such child, personally. Through counseling, the teacher can understand the child’s problem. The teacher must talk to that particular child-friendly and should collect as much information related to their family matters financial matter and teacher will be able to understand why the child is not showing any kind of progress in their academicals career. And the teacher can take the necessary steps to make that child active in the class. So whatever the problem teacher must understand it and without harming the child’s sentimental teacher should take necessary steps to solve it.

These are a few techniques through which a teacher can motivate child’s performance. Weak students just need attention from the teacher if they feel they are counted and given importance in the class naturally they will show their interest in studies and will lead a successful life in future. Always help students to fix a goal in life. And show them the path to attain that goal. Make them understand to attain the goal is not easy it needs hard work it’s not a miracle. Share your struggling experience if any. So in all sense teacher have the main role in a student’s life. Every teacher must try to bring them the best in the student.

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