Save the Trees – Preserve Nature & Improve your Health

Save the Trees

Nature has gifted us with so many things; lands, rivers, rocks, valleys, and many kinds of greenery, including trees. Trees are one of the most amazing gifts of nature. They provide shade from the elements and beautify the environment.

More than these benefits, trees also purify the air, protect us from certain diseases, ease stress, and ensure our well-being in many ways. Living in an area full of trees or spending lots of time around trees can improve our physical and mental health in ways you cannot imagine.

Hence, there is a correlation between the loss of trees in areas with higher disease risk and the growing mortality rate.

As trees contribute so much to our health, why don’t we pay attention to their well-being?

Most of us assume that trees are gigantic and resilient so they can cater for themselves, but that is not the case.

As huge and self-sufficient as they might seem, trees need our help sometimes to live out a full, healthy life. They mostly suffer adverse effects of different weather conditions such as drought, wind, storms, and the likes.

Trees also go through stress, they get old and face other conditions that stunt their growth, and in worst cases, lead to their death.

To prevent these issues, we should know how to care for trees in our environment.

Practicing Tree Care

Besides oxygen, most people don’t know that trees need other forms of nutrition to improve their lifespan and ensure that we derive our benefits from them.

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Just like other plants in our surroundings need care, trees need attention and proper maintenance now and again to remain healthy.

The first area of concern is healthy nutrition and environment, directly affected by the original location where the tree is planted.

Discoloration, dead leave and branches, cracked tree barks, and the presence of fungi could also be signs of malnutrition, unhealthy interference, and the like.

For proper maintenance, take time to prune your tree and monitor it regularly. Take note if the leaves are withering earlier than usual, or whether they are not growing as they used to.

If you notice any unhealthy trait or need someone to give your trees a look, you can hire an arborist to manage your trees from time to time. These tree experts can identify problems, procure solutions, and extend your trees’ lifespan.

Tree Health and Management

As important as it is to care for trees, we are not taught these things, so we know little about managing trees.

Even if we did, proper management of trees takes a lot of strength and expertise, which we don’t have.

This is why we need arborists who specialize in nurturing and maintaining trees to help take care of them.

Arborists might need to test the soil to ensure it has the necessary mineral content for the trees to grow well. The immediate environment and location where your tree is planted is also something they will consider

Arborists might also need to check the trees’ acid or alkali content to make a diagnosis and analyze your tree root systems.

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Taking down trees safely

Sometimes, some trees are so unhealthy that no amount of treatment or management can make them get better. It is highly recommended that you cut them down in such cases.

Certain trees suffer defects that weaken or affect their ability to stand upright, weather storm, or heavy winds. In such cases, a tree can fall and cause accidents if not taken down first.

An arborist can help you take down your trees using specialized gear & equipment so that it doesn’t have an adverse effect on your environment. There is a safe and proper way to cut trees, and an arborist best understands these safe practices.

Final thoughts

Everyone has a role to play as it concerns preserving the trees in our environment and making sure they grow in the healthiest conditions.

As we lose an increasing number of trees due to our carelessness, mistakes, and neglect, we are losing the benefits they add to our lives.

Trees give us better air, protect us, fertilize our soil, and beautify our environment. They also preserve insects and animals around us.

Suffice to say trees are essential to life, and we must protect them for our sake.

Every time you stare at a tree, remember that the earth, society, and our future are tied to trees’ existence.