Make a Bushfire Plan for Safe Escape

Are you living at the risk of fire in your areas? If you have you home near bush, long grass coastal scrub or forests, you need to stay pre planned for the summer season. Many people fail to act with presence of mind during an emergency and what we mean by advance planning is to know what you should do when in times of emergency. There are various consultancy companies offering bushfire planning in Sydney that can help you organise backups and ways to deal with a situation of bushfire.

Why leave early?

In case of a bushfire, leaving early is a smart approach to keep you and your family safe and protected. It is when you leave the areas even before there are signs of fire not after you see flames of fire of smoky smell.

Protecting the property

Staying back to protect your property is indeed a big and brave decision. It could result in severe tragedy of injury or even death in Severe, extreme and code red days. The homes built on high bushfire prone areas are not constructed for code red conditions. Before you make up your mind for defence, know if you have the defending ability and have all the essential knowledge required to deal with the dangerous situation.

The right way to plan

Taking the right steps to plan the defence mechanism is an indication that you must have the right knowledge to deal with the difficult situation of risk and fire. AS every family is different, so should be the bushfire planning. If facing difficulty, take help from a bushfire consultant in Sydney as they are highly knowledgeable in dealing with risky bushfire situations.

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Do not forget to have the fire ready kit handy. Have a proper plan ready by taking to your household about the following things for better understanding of the conditions and planning and implementing safety likewise:

  • Which Fire Danger rating is a sign to leave?
  • Where will you escape?
  • Will you decide leaving early in the morning or the previous night?
  • Which route will be better and is there any alternative you can rely on?
  • What will you take along?
  • Who should you keep informed of your actions and movements?
  • What arrangements do you need to make for your livestock or pets?
  • How will you keep track and stay informed of the updates and warnings?
  • Is there anyone nearby who you can help?
  • What if the area is already in fire when you realised and you can’t leave?

Remember, you need to assign the tasks of who will do what in case of a bushfire. If you have sorted the answers of these questions, chances are high you can escape well even before a serious emergency arises.

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Mr. Steve paul is a writer specialised in writing articles on bushfire planning, ways to choose the best bush fire consultant and many more related topics. He takes interest in spreading awareness on bushfire protection.