Are You Ready To Giving Up On Getting Her Back

If you are just so down and bummed out about your chances of getting your girlfriend back then I want to help you. I know what it’s like. I know the frustration and pain of losing someone that you love and all about the ups and downs of trying with everything that you have to try to get back together with someone that you cherish. There is nothing unmanly about valuing your relationship and there’s nothing wrong with feeling like giving up. It is a highly emotional thing to go through but there comes a time to pick yourself up and get back to winning back the heart of the one you love.

Just answer me one question. Have you been doing everything possible to try to get your girlfriend to change her mind about the breakup and she is nonresponsive and cold to you or even downright cruel? If this is the way that things have been going then I have two things to tell you. First, you must love her very much and also, what you are doing is very typical for someone that cares for another human being. Losing that person that you love is very much like going through the death of a loved one. The apparent death of your relationship can bring about the same amount of stress and the more that you love them the more stressful it can be.

Even though you want to be genuine and honest with your girlfriend, to get her back it may require you to hide your feelings or even be downright dishonest at times. I am not talking about cheating or stealing or any sort of crime. I am talking about not letting her know your feelings and intention. It means playing a bit of a game. It is an unfortunate fact that right now the more you push her and tell her that you love her and that you’ll always love her, the more she is going to retreat. You have probably already noticed this and if not just pause for a moment and think about it. The nicer you are the more distant she becomes.

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You must pull yourself together. The way that you are acting probably isn’t very attractive to your girlfriend or anyone else around you at the moment. Again, you might feel that you have no choice. You feel the way you feel and you might not have the energy or the desire to act happy or like nothing is wrong but it is very important to your eventual success in getting your girlfriend back. If you feel yourself slipping into that hole of depression or anger or any other negative feelings, you need to get yourself under control.

If you have difficulty staying positive and optimistic about your chances of getting your girlfriend back you need to look beyond what is going on at this moment. It is pretty simple to get her back but it is difficult for you to see this right now. All you know is that she is not with you right now. You are broken up and maybe she is even with someone else at the moment. It is no big deal really, either way. It is still possible for you to get her back even if she is with someone else. Sure, it is a little more complicated or it might take a little longer than if she wasn’t with someone but nothing is impossible and there are even ways of using that relationship to your advantage.

The most important thing though is that you remain positive about your ability to get your girlfriend back and your inner optimistic attitude towards your desire to get her back. If you doubt or are optimistic one day and then doubtful the next, you are not going to put forth your best effort when it comes to doing what is necessary to get her back. Just like anything in life, if you feel that you can’t do it then you are less likely to give 100 percent and also less likely to succeed in achieving your goal. If you are sure that you can do it then you are more than halfway there. Winning her back in your mind is half the battle, my friend!

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For those times when you feel yourself doubting and getting down, you can turn things around by taking some time and focusing on what you want things to be like between you and your girl. If it is in the middle of the day and you’re having a rough time, lock yourself in a bathroom stall, close your eyes and imagine in detail what it will be like to have her kiss you again. Imagine whatever you desire in your mind and make it as real as you can in your mind. Also, spend some time each night or each morning thinking of exactly how you want things to be. Dream about how you want her to come back to you and imagine her telling you that she loves you. Can you see her smile? Can you hear her laugh? Do this until it feels real and you believe it in your heart.

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