Have you ever wondered at which point does a love story begin? Does it begin when a person see the other for the first time? Or when they talk to each other and discover how similar or different both of them are? Or do they simply fall in love when they are meant to fall in love? Have you ever been attracted to someone so much that you think you are in love? Can this kind of attraction or infatuation lead you through the pathway of love? Does love have an accurate definition?

Love can never be defined accurately. According to most people, love is a feeling within oneself that cannot be explained or described. Deciding whether a person is in love or just being infatuated can be very confusing. Infatuation has this powerful feeling which makes a person think that they are in love. Read love quotes here to express your feeling of love.

If you have watched the Telugu Mp4movies 100% love, the famous dialogue which says, ” According to Freud’s psychology infatuation is only an attraction between a male and female and is a state of being completely carried away by unreasoned passion, foolishly extravagant and unappreciated often completely unwarranted emotion.”, clearly explains what infatuation is.
Love is when someone cares for the other person and are always there to support them. The person stands by through the good and bad times and wishes nothing more than the happiness of that person. Many relationships start out of infatuation and is misunderstood as love.

Love gradually develops taking time whereas infatuation occurs almost instantly falling for looks mostly. When a person is in love, they love the whole of him or her. They accept their negative side. Love is way more than physical attraction, the person feels emotionally connected to their partner and shares everything with them. We have some most attractive gifts for valentine’s day.

Every good relationship sustains when they trust each other, where both have to be honest and not hide anything from one another. If a person does not trust their partner, mostly they are infatuated with that person, but infatuation is not love. Love without commitment is infatuation.
According to a 41 year old woman, ”

Infatuation may or may not turn into love. Love is about WE, whereas infatuation is only about YOU.” A person may or may not like the person after to getting to them. If the person do not like them for who they are, then it is purely infatuation. If a person still has feelings for a person after getting to know them, infatuation can possibly turn into love.
When a person is in love they cannot hate their partner for anything, even for breaking their heart. They cannot be mad for too long at them. Infatuation is when a person likes the other even without knowing them. Infatuation is always caused by some reason, while love does not have any particular reason. It can be a feeling where the person has no idea how he fell in love.

People of all ages get mixed up between infatuation and love. Love is permanent whereas infatuations can be temporary. When a person feels their infatuation turning into caring about what the other person wants also , they are on the way to finding love.

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