Mistakes to Avoid for Getting Better Hair Growth?


Making mistakes are human tendency but doing it again and again is the thing which we need to contemplate. Beauty mistakes are very common thing in our day to day life. So here we have accumulated few blunders, you might be doing. Get to know how to stop hair fall with home remedies for hair growth.

Wrong technique of brushing while using blow-dryer

Wrong technique of brushing

We people usually hold the blow dryer with our strong hand (the lefty with the left hand and righty with right hand) and brush our hair with another hand. Most of us do the same, but it is totally wrong technique & also the hair loss causes and you should correct as early as possible. Train your hands and mind to learn the right technique and get the smoother result in lesser time.

Rub hair with towel to dry hair

Rub hair with towel

We all use towel to dry off our hair, which is considered the standard way, but if you do it incorrectly, it will help you to damage your hair even faster. Rubbing your hair with towel after bath to release moisture is not considered a healthy habit for hair instead use your hand to squeeze extra water from hair. Squeezing is better than rubbing.

Brushing when wet

Brushing when wet

Hair is fragile at most when it is wet and brushing them at that time is totally wrong technique for your hair growth. If you comb your hair – when wet then even a healthy hair can start falling. Here I would suggest you to use your fingers to get rid of hair knots.

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Using dryer when excessive wet

Using dryer when wet

No matter whether you believe it or not, but using hair dryer on too wet hair is not good idea rather you should wait till your hair 60%-65% dry. As much your hair is exposed to the heat, it will get damaged. So my suggestion to you is let the moisture dry with cloth before using hair dryer.

Hair Dryer use at wrong temperature

dryer use at wrong temperature

Our life is too busy, so due to hurriedness we put higher temperature in hair dryer to get quick result, which is totally wrong. My suggestion to you is use lowest temperature on hair dryer and give sometime to your hair to dry.

Applying shampoo frequently on hair

Applying shampoo on hair

We all are very fashionable and want silky hair, so we use shampoo on daily basis in search of soft and silky hair. But hair expert suggests using shampoo thrice in a week. It gives required nutrition to your hair.

Applying wrong brush on hair –

Applying wrong brush

If you use metal brush while using blow dryer, you are mistaken. It will not only damage your hair, it can burn them too. So go for the brush which does not get heated at all. If your hair is falling out, then you can try above home remedies for hair fall.