Top Myths You Should Avoid to Build Your Career as Data Scientist

Data Scientist

The world we are living in is a digital world, and the way technology has influenced our lives is pleasantly overwhelming.

As we know, the internet has become an integral part of our daily routine, and data is fuel on which entire internet runs. You can assume its significance from the fact that even global economy depends on data. Therefore, without a doubt, data analytics as an industry is all set for exponential growth. Every transaction that happens in digital space contains data. Further, leading companies use crucial insights from tools like Google Analytics to boost their business.

According to Harvard Business Review, the job of a data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century.

This fact proves that career as a data scientist is booming and promising. No wonder why new comers and many experienced professionals are now moving to this domain. If you too want to make your career as a data scientist, you need to know top myths to avoid.

Let’s explore them, one by one:

Technical Background is Must

To make you career as a data scientist, you do not have to be an engineer or a mathematical geek. If you heard these things, ignore because to be a data scientist, you should have the capability to think structurally and comfort with number crunching. However, some companies expect you to possess a quantitative background to just be better with numbers, but it does not matter if you get proper training. So, join a well-reputed analytics lab to improve your skills, but do remember to check their analytixlabs reviews.

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It’s All about Learning Tools

For you information, a tool is just a tool that you use to perform the analysis. To make your career as a data scientist, you need to work on your skills to learn fundamental to carry out that analysis and make correct use of data. Here getting a proper training from an authentic analytics training institute is crucial. However, it is important to read analytixlabs reviews in the first place to join the right analytics training institute.

You Must Know How To Code

No! You do not need being a programmer. If you have heard that to be a data scientist you must be good at programming, avoid! Many software developers that have switched their jobs to be a data scientist accept that none of their programming skills help. However, you need to learn things for the tool you will use for analysis, but you do not need to be a hardcore programmer.

Finding Job Will Be Difficult

Want to be a data scientist? Start thinking logically! Never believe on myths or rumors. The stat mentioned in the beginning is enough to prove the point that career in analytics is lucrative. So, finding jobs will not be an uphill task for you.


The points as mentioned above debunks some top myths associated with the career as data scientists. Avoid them, if you are serious about making your career in this promising field.