Methodical Guide to Restore Individual Exchange Mailbox 2007

Restore Individual Exchange Mailbox 2007

Exchange mailboxes serve the purpose of being a messaging platform to facilitate accessing mails, contacts, calendars, etc. There can be numerous mailboxes in an Exchange environment that can enable interaction and exchange of information. No matter where they are stored, Exchange mailboxes are not resistant to wrath of data disasters. There are scenarios when these mailboxes get deleted or dismounted and a need to restore the mailboxes arises. In this blog, we will discuss the methodology to restore individual Exchange mailbox 2007 in particular.

What Factors Lead To Mailbox Deletion

There are many factors that either renders the Exchange 2007 mailboxes in a deleted state or in a dismounted state. Some of the factors that are responsible are:

  • Sometimes due to Exchange administrators, it may happen that the Exchange mailbox may get deleted and ultimately inaccessible.
  • At instances when an employee leaves the organization, his mailbox is usually deliberately deleted.
  • When the number of mailboxes reaches above a certain limit, there are strong chances that newly added mailboxes might get deleted automatically.
  • Dirty shutdown state is a situation in which the database files are not detached from log stream. This state often leads to mailbox deletion.
  • When the Exchange mailboxes are moved while the backup process is still active, both the processes coincide. Thus, it lands the mailbox in a dismounted state.
  • Failure of MAPI provider can also play a role in dismounting or deleting an Exchange mailbox.
  • Due to some functional issues with Exchange server, the mailboxes may get deleted.
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How to Restore Individual Exchange Mailbox 2007

Regardless of the reason that caused deletion of Exchange mailbox, there are two conditions, which have to be considered before deciding the method that can be used to recover the mailbox.

  • Exchange 2007 Mailbox Recovery from Dumpster Folder.

Once a mailbox is deleted from the server, it gets stored in the dumpster folder due to the mailbox retention feature. The mailbox prior to deletion is kept here for a period of 30 days. In case the retention period has not expired, the individual Exchange mailbox 2007 can be easily restored with the help of Exchange Management Shell commands.

  • Mailbox Restore From Backup

If the mailbox has been deleted from the dumpster also, the last option to restore individual Exchange mailbox 2007 is with the help of backup database. The backup databases are used to restore the mailbox from the time when the mailbox was still present in the Exchange server. This can be done with the assistance of Recovery Storage Groups.

Trouble-Free Solution

If the above-suggested manual methods fail in the attempt to restore the Exchange mailbox you can go with a different solution. An alternative solution to restore individual Exchange mailbox 2007 is to deploy a third party application like SysTools Exchange Recovery. The tool is well designed to perform the restoration process of both deleted and dismounted Exchange mailboxes as well. After restoring individual Exchange mailbox 2007, it performs EDB to PST Exchange 2007 conversion. Moreover, the software works well with other versions of Exchange server as well. Thus, the tool can prove to be a vital source for restoring Exchange mailbox. The application is safe and secure to utilize without any issue. The software is simple and easy to execute and does not require any technical knowledge to implement the process.

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Essential Features

  • Retain the integrity of data
  • Supports all Windows OS
  • Recover Dismount & Offline data
  • Offers filter option to recover desired data
  • Recovers deleted EDB data in exact form

Wrapping Up

The continuity of work is quiet important. Therefore, most of the time users search for the solution to restore individual Exchange mailbox 2007. In the above-discussion, we have discussed the complete solution to execute the same.