Liberals Should be Pro-life

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Liberals Should Be Pro-Life
By Billy Lugar

While championing themselves as the party of civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, LGBT rights, diversity, religious pluralism, and cultural relativism there seems to be a bit of double mindedness by the American liberal. Here’s the problem they stand for all these groups’ rights, except for these groups’ right to life. Allow this author to elaborate further if we want women to break the glass ceiling, we kind of want more women to be born, to live, be educated, and taught skills where she can be the CEO many would celebrate. If we want Black Lives to matter, then we should support their right to be born, and make sure they are not killed and are protected and to live a life to the fullest? If we want Hispanics to be given the freedom to be American citizens, don’t you think they should legally be born here? What about Muslims, and Arabs, if we are against xenophobia, and they are American citizens who are moderate peaceful Muslims, why not support the Arabs right to be born?

Let’s play devil advocate, say that being born gay is true and that there is a gay gene in an individual, how can we allow gays to marry if we will not even allow them the right to be born? What about Trans rights? If Trans rights are human rights, if they should be allowed to use the bathroom preference of their choice shouldn’t they have a chance to be born first? If all these protected “minority” groups are fought for after they are born, why not before, shouldn’t the right to life for all these people be protected, and preserved for the future generations to come? If we are against discrimination and oppression why are we oppressing and discriminating these minority groups by denying them the right to be born for the sake of women’s right to “choose?”

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Recently the ACLU campaigned #JusticeForJane which was a campaign in which two “Hispanic” and non-natural born citizens, who are not covered under Miranda rights, constitutional rights, let alone the right to an abortion. The ACLU is a left-leaning group fighting to take away the right to be born in this country if you’re a Hispanic, how is this championing women’s rights, how is this empowerment? If we are for Hispanics don’t we want Hispanics to be born in this country? Legally speaking due to the 14th amendment anyone born on American soil is an American citizen, and who are we to take away the right to life granted in the 14th amendment?

What about the fact in New York City, the famous city many foreigners hear of, it is more likely for a Hispanic and a black baby to be aborted than to be born? How is this right? How is this championing the black community, how is this showing the world we care for blacks lives if anything it shows our lack of concern and compassion for the black community, and what about the Hispanics? How is killing the unborn Hispanic, the unborn Arab, the unborn Jew, the unborn Black ending the racism you fight so hard against? If anything the racism that is supposedly being fought is against is being fed by the abortion agenda of the “privileged, perfect, and planned” children.

If women’s rights are important why is it a baby girl in the womb isn’t considered equal to a woman outside the womb who is with child with her? If women’s right to choose comes before a woman’s right to life no woman would have the right to choose only their predecessors who have been giving life, for without life you have no choices, and without choice you have no freedom, therefore an aborted child will never have life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness while the mother gets to claim it. This makes the equality seem to show inequality to the woman in the womb and the one who is aborting the child is oppressing women’s rights despite claiming “abortion is a woman’s rights issue.”

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The liberals in short believe in oppression of all the groups they claim to stand for if they deny these groups their God given right to life. Without life women do not succeed in the areas of finance, business, accounting, marketing, human resources, and business administration, neither do blacks, or Hispanics, or Asians, or Jews, or Muslims, or foreigners, or even gays and transgender people. None of these people if denied the right to life will get the chance to succeed in what “liberals” claim to be progress, while the regressive act of killing life and not defending it is the core foundation and core value these liberals wish to conserve. In order for liberal dreams of inclusion in the work place, in the world, in life to ever exist, in order for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, intolerance and bigotry to end we need to promote the right of all these people to be born, in order for their dream to be a reality, but until this will ever be the case the dream of diversity and inclusiveness will never be a reality.

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