8 American Things That Are Not Actually American!

American Flag

Although the American people are very talented it does not mean that behind every popular thing in the USA, there is an American. Without being unbiased, you cannot feel like evaluating those things that Americans associate with the United States mistakenly.

Educating Americans in this regard is essential thus they educate their children about different things with facts. Ethically, it is wrong to associate anything with yourself for that you do not have any contribution and with the similar concept; you should consider correcting other Americans.

This post is very interesting for you because it has come up with the American things that are not American so you should ensure that you go through them properly and correct your information with the aim of correcting other Americans as well.

1.    American Flags

You will be wondering that how American flags cannot be American but the fact is that the Flag Manufacturers Association of America imported $22 million worth of flags from 2005 to 2009. They imported more than half of flags from China and every American does not know it. According to Association, they imported $51.7 million US flags in 2001. Now, the American flag that you have at your home can be the one that was brought from China. History students are the ones who should explore more things that US people associate with themselves mistakenly. They can write on it and interestingly they do not need assignment service UK for that.

2.    Hot Dogs

You cannot deny the fact that the hot dogs have an origin in a German sausage. It is the fact that only a few Americans know it so you should consider spreading the word. You find that the German sausage is served on a great bun in Frankfurt since the 13th Century.  Next time, you eat hot dogs so keep in mind that they originated from Germany.

3.    Apple Pie

It is true that apple pie has been long before America. It dates back to 14th century and the prominent difference among the recipe of that time and now happens to be the addition of sugar that was not available at the time of Chaucer. As you have come across the fact about apple pie so it is your responsibility to educate the masses about it.

4.    US cars

Although, Chrysler, GM, and Ford are considered as the US car manufactures but dozens of their domestic cars are made in the Mexico and Canada. It is also interesting to find that the cars that are assembled in the USA consist of parts, transmission, and engines that are brought from other countries. You should share this information with other Americans in order to educate them about it.

5.    American Girl doll

It is another interesting fact that the famous American Girl dolls are made overseas. In the past, these dolls were made in Germany but nowadays China replaced Germany because of its strong manpower. The majority of young girls who play with it do not have even an idea that they are made in other countries.

6.    G.I. Joes

They came to market back in 1982. They were introduced as “The Real American Heroes” but they have never been made entirely in the United States. Though actual figures were from the US but the clothing came from, Okinawa, Hong Kong, and Japan. In 1982, their production went to Hong Kong and now the toys came from China.

7.    The Statue of Liberty

It is surprising for many Americans that the complete statue was made in France then it was broken up and brought to USA. You find that its construction had various difficulties with funding issues. It was the USA that had to finance the base of this statue and eventually private donations worked in this regard. These are the facts that some Americans know so spread the word and reveal the facts to Americans.

8.    Fireworks

Next time, you use fireworks so remember the interesting fact that your country does not make them. It is essential to notice that your country imported the huge quantity of fireworks from China in 2011. While celebrating your freedom on the 4th July with using these fireworks, you should also thank people who have actually made for you. It is also good that you educate young individuals in this regard and it enhances their knowledge.

The aforementioned are some major things that US people associate with themselves mistakenly. You should reveal the facts about these things to every American. By knowing about these things, you can easily judge that countries need each other’s assistance and it is the great thing when it comes to bringing political and financial stability all over the world. Being a responsible person, you should spread the word with the positive approach.

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