Can I Get Braces if I have Dental Crowns?

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Private dental offices in Tijuana see an increasing number of patients coming to Mexico to get corrective dental treatments such as braces, whether for functional or cosmetic reasons.

These days and thanks to new dental technology, braces are becoming an easy treatment for a lot of people.

With the help of new dental devices, dentists can achieve better smiles without problems. But there are always a lot of questions that patients make to dental professionals before getting any corrective procedure.

It is great to ask questions because it means that you have interest in knowing how things are going to result for you.

However, when adults are thinking about getting teeth braces at this point in their lives, they need to consider a couple of things first.

So, we can begin with the consultation, X-rays, and some impressions may be. Our dentist needs to see your mouth to know exactly what type of previous dental treatments you had.

It is normal that young adults already have some tooth restoration such as filling cavities and teeth whitening, some of them even have root canal procedures already done in one or more teeth. Meaning is that it is not a new thing for orthodontists to place braces over dental bridges or crowns.


Fixed are better than Removable Braces?

Here is the thing, you can’t know which one would be better for your teeth until you see a dentist.

Orthodontists are the only ones that can tell you whether you need removable, invisible or fixed braces.

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The alignment process to correct your teeth can last a few months or even years, it will always depend on what type of braces you need.

We all know that invisible braces can correct smiles in no time. Unfortunately, no all patients are good candidates for them.

For instance, if your teeth are too crooked, probably you won’t be eligible for invisible or clear braces. In these cases, your best option would be fixed metal braces to correct your bite and the appearance of your teeth.

If you always had your teeth crooked but never decide yourself to get a corrective procedure, it is not too late.

Even if you have crowned teeth or bridges, you can still get braces to restore your smile. You can start enjoying all the benefits that it can offer you to alight your teeth attractively.


Placing Fixed Metal Braces when you have Crowns

Orthodontics can have more challenges installing metal braces to dental restorations than placing them over the natural teeth of patients.

It is essential to seek a professional dental office when you start to consider alignment treatments.

Because even though you can wear braces when you have crowns or bridges, there are a couple of issues that may arise during the process.

When dentists install fixed metal braces over dental crowns or dental implants in Tijuana, the tooth movement will be not the same.

For example, there will be a tooth movement limitation over implants because they are bonded to the bone of the jaw, and it can’t move it from its place. So, people with dental bridges, on the other hand, can have only minimal movement to prevent damage to them.

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You can get braces if you have crowns or bridges, but you need to have in mind that probably your dentist may need more time to move your teeth.

Fixed props could be a slower process when you have restorations such as crowns. Plus, your dentist will need to monitor your dental caps during your braces treatment.

A lot of patients are wondering if they have chances of damage to their crowns or bridges. It will depend on your dentist skills and the circumstances, but you have possibilities of suffering some damage over your dental caps during your treatment.

The damage could be only aesthetic, and regularly dentists don’t need to do something about it. So, there is nothing to worry about, especially if the harm was made to restorative work on teeth that are at the back of your mouth.

However, if you receive some aesthetic damage over the front crowned teeth, you will need to wait until the end of your treatment so your dentist can fix it.

Each person has different needs, especially in dental matters. When it comes to cosmetic treatments on teeth, a dentist will find the perfect alternative for you.

Ask a Mexican dentist today about the benefits of getting braces, and start the improvement of your smile today!

Don’t be afraid of getting braces if you are an adult, and there are a lot of good options for you. You don’t need to worry about money either, in Tijuana you can always find affordable dental plans to get the smile you want.

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