Dental Emergencies: Types, Causes and Treatment


Dental emergencies can occur at any point and it can strike you at a time when you don’t expect it at all. Your mouth can get injured accidentally and it can get extremely painful for such an impact. Especially, the unexpected injuries to the mouth can get extremely painful.

You should keep it in mind that time is one of the most crucial factors for anyone who is suffering from such an injury which gives rise to dental emergency. Your dentist should be the first person to contact when you experience dental emergency.

Whether a dental emergency has come up through a chronic disease or through sudden experience – the teeth as well as the mouth tissues that surround them need to be taken care of properly. It is vital that you be aware of the precautionary measures before you find yourself in the situation.

Here are some tips that will help you out if you experience a situation like that. Just read on.

Knocked-out Teeth

A knocked-out tooth happens to be an emergency situation that calls for immediate attention. If the appropriate emergency steps are not followed immediately after the tooth has been knocked out, then there are high chances that the tooth can be preserved and reinstated.

Here are certain things that you should do.

  • Pick up the tooth by the top of the tooth. Do not touch the tooth roots.
  • Ensure that the tooth is clean by rinsing the tooth off with water. But make sure that you do not scrub the tooth or remove any extra tissue of it. You should also put a washcloth or towel in the sink so that the tooth does not get drowned.
  • Try to place the tooth gently in the socket. You should hold it gently in the place while biting down.
  • If you are unable to position the tooth in the socket, you can put the tooth in a cup of milk or small container. The former is more preferable in this case.
  • You should call the dentist without delay as in order to save the tooth that is knocked-out you have to perform the steps mentioned above and at the same time quickly get to the doctor. The longer you have to wait for the tooth to be placed inside the socket the less chance you have for the tooth remaining viable.
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Severe and Constant Tooth Pain

You should never ignore severe tooth pain especially when it continues even after a long time. Quite often a same day emergency root canal treatment is provided. If the tooth can’t be saved, then even tooth extraction can be recommended. If this is ignored for quite sometime then it can spread throughout the bloodstream and lead to serious health constraints.

Gum Emergencies

Infections and injuries on the soft tissue of the mouth may also call for emergency treatment. The tissues of the tongue, gums or the lining of the cheek can be damaged by the falls, accidental bites, scalding liquids and sports injuries. The foreign bodies that can get lodged between the gum can also give rise to an injury. This can develop potentially serious and painful abscesses. A periodontal abscess is a sac that is filled with pus that happens to be quite painful and is caused by an infection. Such abscess calls for immediate dental attention.

Dilute saltwater should be used to rinse any injury to the soft tissues of the mouth. Any debris that are visible should be cleared. You can control the bleeding by pressing a clean and damp material into the area for about 15 minutes. You should go to the emergency room immediately if this does not work.

Sometimes with a toothpick or floss a foreign body that is lodged in the gum line can be easily removed. But if that is something that you cannot accomplish easily then you should make a dental appointment without delay.

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Cracked, Chipped or Fractured Teeth


If your tooth gets chipped but you don’t feel any pain then it is not a dental emergency and you can wait for a few days prior to visiting the doctor. Nevertheless, it is vital that you stay careful about not chipping it more. Your dentist can add some composite material for teeth repair or assist in smoothing the chip out.

A cracked or fractured tooth happens to be an issue that is considered to be quite severe. There are severe fractures that because of their extremity can harm the tooth to such an extent that the tooth cannot be saved. When you suffer from fractured tooth then you should immediately book an appointment with the dentist and do the following.

  • You should rinse the mouth with warm water thoroughly to clean it.
  • You should apply a cold compress to the area if a facial trauma has caused the fracture for minimizing the swelling.
  • Avoid aspirin and you should take acetaminophen on the basis of the packaging directions.
  • You should never apply pain killer to the gums as the gum tissue can be burnt because of that.

An x-ray can be required in this case for the proper diagnosing of the gum tissue. If the gum is damaged, then you may require root canal. A crown will just be needed if the gum tissue is not damaged. If the tooth cannot be saved, then the dentist can educate about the various procedures like bridges and implant-supported restorations.

The above are some of the most common kinds of dental emergencies that most people get affected with. If you face any of these, then the reputed dental clinic recommends that you immediately make an appointment with your dentist so that proper measures can be taken, and your wound can be catered to as soon as possible and any permanent damage can be prevented.

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