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Benefits Of Embedding LinkedIn Post On The Website


In today’s digital era, we have an active social media presence on almost every social media platform. Social media has gradually become the new knowledge providing source as we get all the latest updates simply by scrolling down our feeds. 

Social media has become the ultimate platform for gaining publicity and promoting products and services. Many businesses are making full use of platforms to influence the buying decisions of their existing and potential customers. 

Brands/Businesses are leveraging technology and following the trend to embed the social media feed on their business websites. 

While brands and businesses often target their audiences and embed feeds using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they often ignore LinkedIn, one of the highest used social media platforms by professionals and brands. 

LinkedIn can be referred to as a hub for businesses who wish to target their potential customers and professionals. 

What Are The Benefits Of Embedding LinkedIn On Websites?

By now, you must be wondering how embedding LinkedIn on a website benefits your business. Read on to know how using LinkedIn and utilizing the feed on the website can help in developing a strong brand and businesses. 

#1 Decreased Bounce Rate

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn serves as an ideal platform for working professionals. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn is more formal, and people post more about themselves and use the platform for professional networking. 

With over 440M active members, the platform can be perfect to target potential clients and create a base. Embedding what professionals have to say about your business can grasp the visitors’ attention since they see LinkedIn as a more professional and serious platform than the nature of the other famous social media platforms.  

Once the visitors start going through what your LinkedIn users have to say, they may feel the need to explore more, resulting in a decreased bounce rate and more dwell time of visitors on the website. 

#2 Increased Communication With Audience

A major point to focus on and remember is that people often look forward to and get influenced by engaging content. 

Once you leverage LinkedIn to give your customers an idea about your brand or business, it will instill more curiosity within them. They will immediately visit your website to get better clarity of your brand or business. 

Embedding LinkedIn feed on the website improves your communication with your customers by channelizing them from the platform to your website and from your website to your LinkedIn account. Moreover, it allows you to boost organic traffic to your website. Resulting in much more increased communication with your audience. 

#3 Build a Solid Connection With Your Audience

Communication with customers is extremely crucial for all brands. Some customers hesitate to reach out to a brand when there is zero communication since they are not aware of the brand or business. They are also unaware of what others think or have experienced with the brand. 

Embedding a LinkedIn feed with User-Generated Content on your website simplifies the process of communicating with your customers. By easing down the communication both ways, your customers start seeing you with a different perspective. They start seeing you as a friendly brand and feel more connected to your brand. 

#4 Build Your Social Proof

Displaying User-Generated Content by embedding it on the website builds amazing social proof about your brand on the website. 

It is important to recall that customers always trust other customers much more than your brand’s published content. 

When a visitor visits your website and sees what others have experienced and say about your brand, they feel compelled to know more about your brand, which may ultimately lead to improved conversion and sales. 

Building social proof ultimately results in gaining the trust and confidence of the visitors and eventually turn them from visitors to customers. 

Wrapping It Up

LinkedIn is often ignored by social media platforms due to its nature, i.e., professional networking. However, the platform has tremendous potential to attract your potential clients to become your existing clients. 

Embedding your LinkedIn feed on your website can prove to be highly beneficial to your brand or business, and you will surely reap the benefits in the long run. 

All you require is a responsive social media aggregator which can efficiently pick content from LinkedIn and embed it into your business website without any coding or technical experience required. 

What are you waiting for now? Embed your LinkedIn feed and increase your user engagement, communication and drive more conversions and sales!

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