Benefits of Bath Salts

After a long day at the office, beating that traffic and reaching home late all tired and stressed, you wish there was a way to kickback and relax. A long dip in the bathtub sure sounds meditative but what if there was a way that could improve the experience exponentially. This is where bath salts come into the picture. Gone are the days where bath salts were something just for the elite and not to be thought by common folk, the therapeutic benefits cannot be overlooked. Simply put bath salts are minerals that are mainly made up of pulverized sulphur and magnesium. The base salt mixture can range from Epsom, Dead Sea or even Himalayan Pink. Each have their own niche among ardent followers because of their unique healing properties. They come in different flavours and consist of different ingredients which helps in the healing of different pains.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what it is made up of, let us delve into the details and learn more about their benefits.

#1 Relaxes your Muscles

Loaded with magnesium, Epsom salts can have a significant effect on your body. Soaking up in the tub saturated with lavender smelling salts can help in losing up the tight muscles at the end of a long day.  Pulmonary arteries expand letting more blood making you feel renewed. Increased blood circulation helps in reducing blood pressure which in turn makes for a better meditative feel. One of the best ways to use it is after a heavy workout. It can help relieve even the sorest and most hurt muscles in your body.

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#2 Detoxifies your body

The unhealthy and jet fast lifestyle we live has got out insides rotting with chemicals. Bad habits such as smoking or drinking, fast food filled with unhealthy oils and fats can literally kill you from inside. A good start to change your lifestyle would include having a bath infused with salts. These products flush out all the unwanted chemicals and toxins that are attached to your skin. The aromatic oils can help suck out all the dirty toxic waste out your pores.

#3 Maintenance of healthy cells

Bath salts help regulate the enzymatic functions of the body. Enzymes are proteins that help in the upkeep and maintenance of the cells in the body. Magnesium is said to have a huge role in the intercellular physiological functions. To prevent various neuromuscular, cardiac or nervous disorders a small amount of Epson salts infused with lavender fragrances is added to your bath. This helps revitalize the old cells and bring back youth and vigour from the good old days.

#4 Helps during Constipation

Who would have thought that having bath infused with minerals would help clear up constipations? Epsom salts contain magnesium sulphate which can act as a laxative. Tummy troubles showing up again? Just jump in an have a relaxing bath. This will increase the water content in your intestine and help in the progressive clearing of a constipated stomach.

#5 Hormone Regulator

Magnesium ions are capable of help maintain regular cardio vascular activity and also stimulate proper sleep cycles. These act as a regulator for the secretion of essential hormones. Sulphur, the other main ingredient in bath salts is know for its antioxidation properties. Almost all biochemical properties go through the process of oxidation. The presence of even the slightest amount of sulphur your bath can help in the metabolic activities of your body.

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Dead sea salts and Himalayan pink salts have their own scent and added advantages to it. They have proven to have given good results with customers with Eczema or inflammation

I hope this article has shined a new light on the various benefits of bath salts. Go ahead and try them for yourselves.

#6 Prevent hardening of arteries and blood clots

These bath salts help in preventing the heart diseases and maintain the flexibility of elasticity, improving blood circulation and blood clots. It also reduces the risk of heart attack.

#7 sleep like a baby

If you are someone who suffers from long term sleep problem you should give bath salts a try. They  have the power to heal stress and sore muscles. No stress and healthy muscles lead to happy sleep.

Just soak yourself inside the bath tub with bath salt and some lavender oil and sleep like a baby.

#8 Beat bloating

Yeah, you read it right. These salts can help us in beating the bloating too. These salts work by drawing excess water along with toxins from your body resulting in slimmer waist and thinner thighs.

#9 sooths blister

Together with antibacterial, antibacterial and antifungal anti-fungal qualities, it is maybe not surprising a peppermint salt tub can soothe debilitating or damaging bug bites along with blisters. Studies have additionally reported respite from poison ivy and poison oak.

The second time that a rogue mosquito acquires the higher of you personally, or the toes are straight from shoes that are new, have a fast dip and practical experience near-immediate alleviation.

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