Apple IOS – 3 Latest News About Apple iOS 11

A lot of apple’s iPhone users are nowadays reporting bugs one after another in iOS 11. This constant bug reporting has put Apple INC. on launching spree. The company now has to release newer versions of iOS 11 every second day. A lot of users are getting bothered with it. Even companies providing the best iOS designing and development services in India are also changing or upgrading their iOS design and development practices constantly.

Now all this doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Apple has now again released a couple of bug fixes and updates related to iOS 11. Let’s take a good look at all of them below:

  • Apple has released a new YouTube Channel with videos guiding about Apple iPhones and iOS operating systems.
  • Fifth iOS 11.2 has also been released.
  • iPhone Users running their iPhones on iOS 11 have now reported a AutoCorrect Bug. This bug changes is to IS and it to I.T.

A lot of users are reporting about this bug. They are facing this problem too much. Therefore, companies providing iOS design and development services in India are working hard to make sure their customers don’t face issues in the apps designed and developed by the best group of iOS app developers in India.

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