7 Health Benefits of Eco-friendly House

Health Benefits of Eco-friendly House

The latest world pandemic will most likely change the way we travel, live, and eat forever. People will aim to adopt healthier habits, such as riding the bike instead of driving the car to the workplace. Being aware of the impact of our habits and behaviors on the environment is important, as more and more people are more aware of it.

Having an eco-friendly house is not only for green activists. Even though many people think that an eco-friendly house has more disadvantages than advantages, they are wrong. Having a greenhouse means not only having greenery and plants to make some rooms more comfortable and welcoming, while also improving wellbeing.

It is about choosing materials that are eco-friendly, free from toxins, and other volatile compounds harmful to the environment and people. It is about building a house that uses as many natural resources as possible, such as natural light and ventilation. It is about having water irrigation systems for your garden or lawn that recycle water or use rainwater. Having an eco-friendly house comes with benefits for your health and the environment’s health too.

  • Low Maintenance Costs

To build an eco-friendly house might have higher building costs than a normal house. However, in the long term, people who have an eco-friendly house have observed a serious decline in maintenance and operation costs. This is because they use natural resources, such as natural light, rainwater or regenerable energy to meet their demands.

Because approximately 80% of the lifetime costs of a building are the maintenance and operation costs, people that have eco-friendly houses significantly reduced these costs. And you might wonder which is the connection between reduced costs in the long-term and health. We all know that there are months when we stress about money and unpredicted increases in energy or water costs can turn your budget upside down.

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Money is a source of stress for anyone, and stress is bad for your health. It weakens your immune system making you more prone to catching diseases. It can lead to mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression or cardiovascular problems.

Getting rid of a source of stress in your life can seriously improve your wellbeing, so no matter how odd it may sound, an eco-friendly house can seriously improve your health by being self-sustainable.

  • Eco-friendly and Healthy Materials

Not many people know that conventional building materials have a lot of toxins and carcinogens that are damaging to their health. Besides, there are a lot of plastics and paints used that are not eco-friendly at all, and they contain toxins too. Even though at the beginning the house might look perfect, some materials are prone to moisture buildup.

They can rapidly develop mildew and mold, which are damaging to your health. They cause breathing problems, throat and eye irritation, cough, and wheezing. Besides, it is difficult to get rid of them and the cleaning solutions you need to use are toxic.

There are building materials that are eco-friendly and that are moisture-resistant so that you can protect your health in the long run.

  • Indoor Environment Quality

Most of our time is spent indoors, so we all want to have a cozy and comfortable space we can retreat to anytime we want. It’s our little piece of heaven that boosts our positivity. Or so it should be. However, this is tightly dependent on the indoor environment quality. Here are included the natural light, ventilation, temperature, and air conditions.

When you spend so much time inside, and you will as it is your home, it is better to avoid exposure to indoor air pollutants that can seriously affect your health. It all begins with irritation of the nose and eyes, headaches, and dizziness.

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Eco-friendly houses use non-toxic building materials and also try to use as many natural resources as possible. This means that you will see big operable windows which let in as much sunlight as possible. Studies have shown that both light and darkness trigger releases of hormones in our brains. Sunlight triggers the release of serotonin, which is associated with a boosted mood, calm, and concentration.

  • Improved Living Conditions

Many eco-friendly houses promote green living conditions. This means that besides the eco-friendly architecture of the house and building materials, the house will probably have a garden or a lawn. Planting flowers or harvesting small crops can become your hobby. An eco-friendly house promotes good living conditions, which in turn increase your wellbeing and boost your mood.

It’s your little oasis of nature which gives you the amount of natural light your need. It gives you clean and fresh air and a temperature suited for you. It gives you a garden or a green space where you can relax. An eco-friendly house comes with benefits for your health, even though they are not so obvious. They are easy to observe in the long-term after you have spent some time living there.

  • Saving Time

It may sound odd, but choosing to use eco-friendly building materials for your house can help you save time. Although at the beginning it may be challenging and you may experience obstacles, overcoming them comes with understanding.

The more you understand how your behavior and house can impact the environment, the more you will adopt healthy habits. These healthy habits will be constant and can be applied in many domains. You will learn what materials to choose and what to avoid. You narrow your options and make the decision process more efficient.

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Building a house comes with effort, stress, and decisions to make. The narrower your options, the more time you save. And you can use it for self-care, which is important for your health and mind.

  • You Take Care of the Environment

Choosing eco-friendly materials and self-sustainable ways of living helps you protect the environment. The biodiversity that surrounds us is full of amazing species of plants and animals and spending time in nature makes us happier.

The more you care about the environment, the more you will work to preserve and protect it. The more time you spend in nature and with animals, the happier and more relaxed you will be and taking care of the environment means taking care of your health.

  • Comfy House

Like we all know, we need our place. Having a cozy and comfortable home comes with satisfaction, calm, and a better concentration. The more natural your building materials, the more natural will be the look and feeling of your house.

Bamboos, wood, and hemp can make your house indie and natural, while also being eco-friendly. Surrounding yourself with natural elements can boost your mood and nurture positive feelings. A happier state of mind means better immunity and pain relief.


Eco-friendly houses have benefits for your physical and mental health. They help you prevent breathing conditions and allergies, while also caring for the environment.

Going green means more time spent in nature, improved living conditions, and less maintenance and operation costs. It is beginning to gain momentum, as we need to preserve and protect the environment because this means taking care of ourselves too.

Author Bio :

Joe McLean is a professional writer and environmental activist. Sometimes he helps as an environmental consultant to some college paper writing service on biodiversity and environmental topics. Joe’s hobbies are hiking, bird watching, and plogging.