5 Reasons to Hire A Lawyer for Probation Violations

cobb county probation violation

When an individual is involved in some kind of violation while still under probation, legal representation in the court become mandatory for presenting the case properly. Apart from this, it also helps in issuing explanation and evidence before admittance of the violation. Quite naturally, the probation violation attorney you hire may assist you in keeping the probation active instead of cancelling the agreement.

Hiring a lawyer

When you are faced with legal charges, hiring a legal professional is necessary to represent you in the court. Besides this, the law practitioner must prepare you to prepare strategies for disapproving the claim or to admit it during the process of trial with adequate explanations for getting a satisfactory judgement related to the issue. The legal representative you hire can help in lowering the damage caused due to the violation of probation ranging from jail time, community service, or warning. If the judge decides that it is possible, the probation period can be extended further. When it comes to facing the judge for proving the charges wrong, the assistance of probation violation lawyer become mandatory as it become difficult without proper legal representation.

General conditions for probation

For the time during which you are expected to stay under probation, you must follow the standard and special conditions that apply to everyone. These are the few things you need to follow.

  1. Report to the probation officer.
  2. Maintenance of enrollment or employment in the school.
  3. Do not commit any crime during the probation period.
  4. Paying the requisite fines, fees, or costs.
  5. Understanding the consequences
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When you violate the probation conditions, the officer in charge of handling this issues can file violation notice in the court. The court, on the other hand, may appear on a specific date or issue a warrant for arrest. In addition to this, the court can fix a date for violation hearing although it is not as harsh as a criminal hearing. While many protections and rules can apply, you will get the opportunity to hire an attorney. It is better to hire an attorney soon after facing the charges as the judge may find you as the wrongdoer in the case and convict you in the following ways.

Probation remaining unchanged

If the offence is minor, the court will do nothing more than slapping on your hand and allow you to continue with the probation and leave you with a warning.

Serious violation

If the crime you have committed is serious and is not the first time you have violated the probation law, the judge can withdraw the probation entirely and under such circumstances, you may have to serve some or the entire jail sentence.

Hearing of probation

When you face the process of trial for probation violence, it is essential to understand what it may include. Ideally, the prosecution lawyer requires little evidence to charge you under the shadow of little doubt and the motive is to convince the judge for penalising you for the act of violation. If you fail to appoint a lawyer for probation violations, you may not be able to disapprove the charges and face sentence that is rather unwanted. Therefore, you have to take the call whether to prove the claims as false or serve a jail sentence.

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Disapproval of violation

When witnesses appear in the court after the violation of probation, you may face charges of involvement as many of them may implicate you as the person committing the offence without visualising who the actual person may be. If you are wrongly accused of probation violation, you have to allow a lawyer to represent you in the court for disapproving the charges. It is the lawyer who needs to explain the case properly for convincing the lawyer and there is greater likelihood for understanding the issue better.

Admittance of violation

While one way of overcoming the issue is to refute the claims, another way in which the legal representative deals with the issue is to allow the person accused to admit the charges during the process of trial. It is more important when the person violating the probation admits and tells the judge the reasons for such acts. However, when the admittance comes through a lawyer, there are fewer chances of the issue becoming complicated. Quite naturally, the legal representative is more competent to explain the issues to the judge, and the accused person can be let off with a warning or fewer penalties when the evidence is brought into the limelight.

Lawyer is indispensable

Whether it is for disapproving the charges of probation violation in the court or admittance of the facts honestly, it is essential to hire a lawyer. The representative of law can explain the entire process and present the correct information in front the judge along with proper evidence against the claim of violation. In other words, the presence of a lawyer can make the case of such offences more believable and realistic and also mitigates the damage caused due to the violation of probation.

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