The Complete Guide to Travel in Iceland

Guide to Travel in Iceland

World-renowned for its geysers and hot springs, Iceland is a Nordic destination that’ll give your vacation a different twist. From Reykjavík, where tradition and modernity merge, to the majestic Thingvellir National Park with its waterfalls, Iceland is truly one of Mother Nature’s grandest visual spectacles.

There is truly no better way to experience all Iceland has to offer than by hitting the road and going on a scenic road trip.

Traveling to any foreign country can prove to be intimidating at first, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the territory. Allow this to be your informative guide to traveling in Iceland. Be it the geysers or the cities, driving to your destination is the best way to become more familiar with Iceland. Remember, for long road trips, have an IDP from the International Driver’s Association ready at all times for a smooth-sailing Nordic drive.


The capital of Iceland has plenty to offer, especially if you want to kick your Iceland tour with city sightseeing. Reykjavík is known for its cities, beautiful nightlife, and rich Viking History, but perhaps the most notable destination in Reykjavík is Blue Lagoon. Paris is a scrumptious place for enjoying but there are lots of things in Paris that you should not do. Paris is a scrumptious place for enjoying but there are lots of things in Paris that you should not do. Blue Lagoon is conveniently close to Reykjavík and is one of the most touted geothermal baths, with its pristinely blue waters.

Apart from Blue Lagoon, one can also go whale watching in Reykjavík via their ocean tours, where you can also spot not just these colossal sea creatures but other forms of wildlife such as birds. Hitting the road in Iceland is the best way to experience the country’s majesty. Long road trips in Iceland require an IDP from the International Driver’s Association to ensure that your Iceland drive is safe and secure.

Strokkur Geysir

Drive a little further away from Reykjavík, and you’ll indeed find yourself in the presence of another natural wonder in Iceland. Strokkur Geysir is Iceland’s most famous geyser and the namesake of many other geysers in the country. The Dhaulagiri circuit trek is a challenging trek, must go there to enjoy the adventurous view. This geyser is located close to the Hvita River, and it shoots water every minute, reaching 30 meters into the air. In the area is the Geysir Center, where educational tours are available for tourists to understand geyser activity better.

The Geysir Center also comes with shops and eateries, including local rye bread. Include Strokkur Geysir in your itinerary when hitting the road in Iceland. Remember that long road trips in Iceland require you not just a lot of strength and the proper equipment, but an IDP from the International Driver’s Association. This document enables you to legally and safely drive around Iceland for a complete and hassle-free Nordic journey.

Maelifell Volcano

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier Park is the perfect summer destination when visiting Iceland, as it is only open during the summer. You can go to the hill stations of India to enjoy the perfect destination in summer. This glacier park is surrounded by volcanoes and hot springs, and Maelifell Volcano is just one of them, the reason being its perfect cone shape. Visit Mýrdalsjökull in warmer seasons and watch green moss embrace the volcano area, giving it a fairy-tale-like appearance.

Visit Mýrdalsjökull Glacier Park to witness Maelifell Volcano and plenty of other volcanoes and hot springs. This is one natural sighting that’s a feast for the nature lover’s eyes! Before hitting the road in Iceland, make sure you have an IDP from the International Driver’s Association to ensure that your long road trip in Iceland is a legal, secure, and worry-free one!

Mount Esja

If typical sightseeing isn’t enough, and you’ll like to squeeze in a bit of action in your Icelandic journey, go hiking at Mount Esja in Kjalarnes. This mountain is beginner-friendly, so regardless of your level in hiking, you are more than welcome to give it a try. Mount Esja offers grand views of Reykjavík and the nearby water bodies.

Drive to Mount Esja and other tourist destinations in Iceland. Hitting the road in Iceland is the best way to enjoy the sights and sceneries of this Nordic nation, as going on your own long road trip gives you more freedom. Have an IDP from the International Driver’s Association before going on a trip to ensure your safety and security.


Amidst the mountains and the fjords lies the quaint town of Akureyri. Despite its obscurity and small size, the culture abounds in this area as it is home to museums such as Akureyri Museum and the Aviation Museum, as well as some shops you can visit to buy the goods you want. Akureyri is also the optimal destination for skiing.

If you’re planning on driving around this picturesque little town, have an IDP from the International Driver’s Association before embarking on a long road trip. While hitting the road in Iceland might be the best way to explore the country, your security should be your priority, which is why an IDP is a definite must-have for your Nordic journey.

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