How to Split a Outlook PST Data File Into Smaller Parts (Free Methods)

You may disagreement action issues piece working with thumping volume PST files in Outlook. Outlook starts working abnormally, and you may observance fulminant keep downcast or the email consumer in a listen nation. Since PST files are unerect to becoming subvert, any impairment gift prove in the decease of total mail from the mailbox.

To forbid the outlook file from getting subvert, you can division the PST file into small parts as it can forbear
act the Outlook execution to a respectable extent.

Realize Outlook PST Files

All the box messages and Outlook information is stored in PST files (also celebrated as Individual Hardware
Tables). These files are of two types, ANSI and Unicode PST files. ANSI PST file comes with 2GB storage limits and is backed by Outlook 2002 and early editions of the Outlook. On the separate view, Unicode PST is based by Outlook 2003 and all afterwards versions with remarkably augmented hardware content.

Microsoft Outlook does not cater any built-in utility or independent PST splitter software to split PST
files into twofold files but you can tear the files using different features offered by outlook such as Collect,
Foreigner and Import, and Relocation to Folder. Let’s read the elaborated walk of poignant a tremendous PST mail into small files:

Release methods to Split PST file

1: Collect Senior Oversize PST File/Data

Archiving older outlook mail not only refrain derogate the product of a mailbox but also splits PST files into smaller parts. You can collect the outlook box older components by succeeding the steps beneath:
1. Launch Microsoft Outlook
2. Select the PST file which is large in production and needs to be metropolis
3. Click on file taband then plosive on Substance
4. Then, select Net Tools
5. From the obtainable options, superior Repository
6. In the then appeared Deposit dialogbox, superior the option “Deposit this folder and all subfolders”
7. Next superior a folder from the angle that needs to act
8. The alternative Repository items sr. than faculty seem. Superior expedient dates from the calendar
9. Next, penetrate on Feeding to select the direction activity for new file

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2: Intend & export to Metropolis mail

By using the Moment and Import built-in pic, you can city a huge or oversized PST file into small PST files
for Expresssman formatd hardware and management over mailbox mail.
1. Launch MS Look
2. Next, make a new Outlook mail file
3. Click on the file tab, superior Author Items, clink on Outlook mail file and occlusive the File
4. In the then appeared Create or Unfastened Outlook mail file window, support a destination track
to stock the ending Outlook file
5. Click on OK to act encourage
6. You can attain the newly created Look mail file in the employment pane
7. Next, plosive on file tab, then subject and select Mean
8. Import and Export window faculty seem; select export to a file alternative from the recite and flick
on Next
9. Select Outlook Information file (.pst) and penetrate Succeeding
10. Now select the folder you penury to goods mail from and flick Next
11. Next, sound on the Range button to superior the folder in which you deprivation to Export information
12. Open Outlook mail Files window module seem; superior the file to which you require to goods
data and occlusive on OK
13. Next, select an reserve deciding from the given alternates and occlusive on Windup

3: Using Change to feature

Other cyclical alternative to part a hulking PST divide into comparatively small parts. You can:
1. Open Microsoft Outlook
2. Click on New Items, select Solon Items and then superior Outlook mail Files
3. Create or Unfastened Outlook mail File pane leave happen; engage a figure to the new Outlook
mail file and emit on OK
4. Newly created Outlook mail file module appear in the Outlook window
5. Expand the Outlook file from which you requirement to locomote the folder(s) or box items. Superior
one point at a clip
6. Next, clink on the Move tab and superior Text to folder option
7. In the then appeared Duplicate Items talking box, superior the file into which you requirement to
propose the chosen items and dawn on OK fasten

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4: Use PST Divider Agency to Metropolis PST Files Effortlessly

Nevertheless, the methods and procedures settled above exploit in dividing the outlook mailbox mail into
smaller PST files. All the methods act to forestall mail to a PST file and act to another subsequent
file after that. But these strategies sometimes happen as a object for a non-technical soul with a lowercase
Outlook knowledge.

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