Pros and Cons of School Uniform

pros and cons of school uniform

Today, we are going to discuss the Pros and Cons of School Uniform! Do you think that school uniform should be ban? Many people have an opinion that school uniform should not be mandatory as it restricts the child to express his individuality and creativity. Although the majority of people have an opinion that it should be mandatory as it influences students behavior, discipline, study, crime etc.

In the past few days, we have seen many of people having a debate on this topic which continues for hours and does not get the end. Hence, we have prepared an article based on the opinion of a majority of people. Hope you will found this article helpful and it will for sure help to relax your curiosity whether School Uniforms & school bag should be compulsory or not.

The Pros and Cons of School Uniform

Pros of School Uniform

#1 School Uniform Boosts Discipline

Among the Pros and Cons of School uniform, this is one of the best pros of wearing a school uniform. Definitely, school uniforms boots discipline, it creates an equality among students as every single student is wearing same clothes which represents them as school students and believe it actually lower the chances of bullying between students in the same school & increases the student’s academic performance.

#2 School Uniform Saves Money

Think about how much dress will cost if school uniforms were not compulsory? School uniform helps a lot in saving parents money. Kids have to wear the same outfit every day which means three uniforms are enough in a year which has the same cost. Repeated dress cut down the clothing expenses which are much less expensive comparing to other fashionable styles.

#3 Prevents Violence

Do you know School Uniforms also prevents violence? It diminishes the competition among students about what to wear. Studies suggest that having dress code prevents the violent behavior of students which sometimes reflected through wardrobes or clothes.

#4 School Uniform Prevents Crime

Students can be easily identified with their school uniform. When some early age student gets miss, locals can help him to drop the child at his school if he is wearing his uniform. For the safety point of view majority of people has an opinion that school uniform should be compulsory.

#5 Help students to focus on Studies only

School Uniform creates an equality among students to participate in standardised testing, it does not distract them from their studies. Wearing the same uniform like every student keep them focus only towards their education and not their clothes.

#6 Improves Attendance among Students

With the modern era, students are getting more concern about their looks. If School Uniforms were not compulsory, it will encourage students to take leave when they don’t have anything new to wear. School Uniforms promotes a healthy, safe and learning environment.

#7 Reduces Wasting of Time in Deciding What to Wear

You might have heard about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook who use to wear some dress everyday as it saves his time in deciding what to wear.  Wearing same uniform everyday prevents the hassles while figuring out what to wear? It actually saves the students time in deciding everyday what to wear.

Cons of School Uniform

#1 Students Cannot Express Themselves freely

Many people have an opinion that wearing the same uniform restricts the thought and expression of students. Because your look delineates your personality and your attitude but same dress every morning restricts your creativity and thoughts.

#2 School Uniform Not Comfortable to All

Everyone has a different shape, size and body but school uniforms have the same pattern for all. It is true that School Uniform promotes equality among students but this is also one major fact that they are not comfortable for all and especially in girls. The girls having curvy or plus size body don’t like to wear skirts as it adds volume to their body which affects their self respect about their looks.

#3 Uniforms are actually increasing your Expenses

What i am talking about? School Uniforms are cheaper alternatives as kids have to wear same dress everyday. Are you thinking like such? Actually, Plenty of companies treat selling of school uniforms as a major source of revenue. And schools are also making it compulsory to purchase uniform either from school or some particular shop which is quite expensive.

#4 Unfavourable to Child Development

Most of the studies suggest that major adult development takes place in duration of early schooling. Making students wear same uniform everyday similar to other students also results in obstructing them. School should give a chance to let the students decide what should they wear, it will help in building a decision power from the childhood.

#5 Identicalness is Boring

Definitely, School Uniforms leads to homogeneity. Whatever the color, whatever the pattern, homogeneity is always boring. Students want to try different colors, different style everyday which they can’t do. Repeatedly wearing same clothes everyday can be dull.

#6 School Uniform do not Reflect Personality

Someone has correctly said that whatever you are wearing, it reflects your attitude and your personality. Don’t you think that school uniform restricts you to reflect your personality through your clothes? Think about how people will dress in your school if school uniforms were not compulsory……..

So these were some of the pros and cons of school uniform, if you some more pros and cons of wearing a school uniform do let us know in comments!

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