Home improvements that Cost more than they are Worth


Rarely will you find a house that fits the exact description of your dream home. However, through home improvement projects you can convert whatever house you have bought into the home you have always wanted. There are more home improvement projects than any one person can carry out, but as much as some of them may be fun or appear easy to accomplish they can also be quite expensive. Before you get down to remodeling, replacements, or repairs of structures and appliances in your property you need to ask yourself whether the project is worth the money you will be spending. Some of the home improvement projects that cost more than they are worth are:

1)   Regular gutter cleaning

Nobody likes to have clogged gutters but it doesn’t mean you have to sign up for an expensive cleaning contract to keep them in perfect condition. Your gutters will remain in a good condition even if you clean them twice a year. Cleaning companies that convince you to sign up for a monthly gutter cleaning service are all about the money; only that it will be coming from your pocket. The bottom line is to have clean gutters, and this is achievable without having to spend a small fortune.

2)   Unnecessary appliance upgrades

It’s fun and elating to shop for the latest home appliances. Getting the latest fridge or oven, remodeling your kitchen, or even getting a new appliance will up your dopamine levels. However, remember that the money will be coming from your pocket. It isn’t bad to buy new appliances if you need them. The problem is upgrading just because you think they will boost the property value is a waste of money. The only way this works is if you are putting the house on the market immediately and the appliances are brand new.

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Some people upgrade appliances because they think it will save them money on energy bills. However, before you do this just do the math and determine how long it will be before your investment breaks even. It is bound to be a long time and if you are not planning to live there for such a period then you shouldn’t go ahead with the purchase.

3)   Too much built-in furniture

If you think your living space needs a bit of streamlining then built-in furniture will be a good idea. Nevertheless, remember they will be fixed and this limits the versatility of the space. Don’t go overboard with the built-in furniture. When you want to sell the house in the future and every bedroom has built-in cupboards, wardrobes, and even beds not many buyers will be lining up to make an offer. The new buyers may want to convert some of the rooms to nurseries, study rooms, or something else. The extra hassle and cost of removing the built-in fixtures and buying new ones are bound to discourage anyone no matter how good the property looks.

4)   High maintenance gardens

An exotic garden is pleasing to the eye and fun to spend time in but the maintenance is a whole different story. It’s costly and sometimes requires professional help. Buying a house is expensive and buyers will be reluctant to take on the responsibility of maintaining a garden that is too costly and demanding. Therefore, some will just look for another property instead of buying yours if it will mean they will spend even more in the long run to maintain the garden. Consider settling for an easy-to-maintain garden that can fit in the schedule of people with different lifestyles and responsibilities.

5)   Personal permanent changes

Adding something personal to your property makes it resonate with you more. However, you have to think about the future before you do this. If there comes a time when you have to sell the property, the thing that made it feel like home to you might also be the reason buyers chose not to purchase it. It is okay to add some personal touches to the property but ensure they are not extremely personal and permanent. If it is a home improvement measure that can be reversed or removed then that’s okay. The moment you realize it is a hindrance to the efforts you are making to sell the property you can simply get rid of it.

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6)   Converting your garage into a gym

People do not park their cars by the roadside just because they love to. This will be seen in areas where parking space is a problem. Buying a home that comes with parking spaces and a garage is high on the list of must-haves for people looking to buy a home. It is better to have your own garage than to park a block away and walk home especially when it is raining, snowing, or late at night. As much as you would like to have a home gym just find another way of realizing your dream instead of getting rid of the garage. That garage might be the reason you find a buyer fast when you list your property.

7)   Complex murals

Art is one of the best things to happen to humankind but not everyone appreciates it, especially when it has been overdone. Having art pieces in the house is okay but going over the top with it is where you should draw the line. Hanging art pieces in the house is better since they can be removed anytime. However, when you have complex murals done on the walls it will require painting over them when you move. This is not the problem but rather the amount of money you will spend in the process to have the murals done. Spending thousands of dollars on such a home improvement project only to have that erased with a single brush of paint doesn’t make a lot of financial sense. Thus, think about the cost implications before you go ahead with the project.

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8)   Unauthorized extension projects

A house or patio extension adds space to the property. It can also boost the value of the property. Nevertheless, you have to get the necessary permits and go through the right channels to achieve this. If you fail to honor these requirements you may even be ordered to demolish the extension later as well as fined heavily. Nonetheless, not all extensions require planning permissions but building regulations have to be adhered to. Thus, researching the project as well as the regulations on that is highly recommended.

Extension projects, no matter how minor, are bound to cost a lot of money and you don’t want to spend a significant amount of cash for something that will be demolished later just because you didn’t follow the right protocols in the building process.

There are hundreds of home improvement projects and maintenance projects that are worth your money. However, you need to ensure you are not wasting your money on these undertakings. Spending wisely and analyzing the projects before you commit to them may not only save you money but you’ll have a better home in the end.

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Danny Margagliano is a realtor with 30a Local Properties in the Panhandle of Florida. He is been the real estate business for over a decade. He and his team help people find investment properties along 30a Florida that they can use as vacation rental properties.