Different Methodologies to Resolve .cdr File Not Opening in CorelDRAW Error

.cdr File Not Opening in CorelDRAW Error

Are you searching solution for CDR file, that is for .cdr file not opening in CorelDRAW error. Would you like to know about the easy tricks to rectify this issue? If you want then this article is just for you. Here it is discussed in the manual solution and also an instant solution to fix corrupted CDR file. Before discussing it lets see the overview of CDR file and the reasons behind this error.

CDR is a file format that is used for the vector graphics image and drawing. It is a standard file format which is compatible with several application of image editing. By default, the CDR file is for the CorelDRAW application. This application is really used for the creation of animation programs. Anyhow, while using this the users may encounter certain problems while accessing the file, one such error is the “can’t open CDR file in Corel”.

Reason Behind the Error Reading in CDR File

Issue of this error “.cdr file not opening in CorelDRAW” while opening will leads to a great frustration. Therefore, it is mandatory to check for the resolution methods. Before moving to the resolution it is better to know the causes of this error. Some of the causes are described below:

** When the Network file is stored with the huge number of files.
** When the file that are created with the older edition of CorelDRAW won’t be accessible.
** The corruption of the file will also result in error.

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Query with Solution of .cdr File Not Opening in CorelDRAW Error

Query#1Can’t Open CDR File in Corel

Past day, I have created a Corel X3 file and it was properly saved too. The size of the file was not that much big, but I couldn’t open it in the morning. I really don’t understand why this happened. If anybody knows why this occurred please help me to resolve this.

Resolution Techniques to Error Reading in CDR File

When I was using this I could also see such error in the CDR file. Then, after searching I could find a solution to recover damaged CDR file. Here, you can generate replicas of the file. If temp folder is embedded in some file you can even check that. For instance, as AUTOBACKUP_OF…CDR.

Query#2Can’t Open CDR File in Corel

I would like to print a file which is created in C5. When I tried to access this file I couldn’t even open it. I don’t understand why this happened, but I guess it may due to the data corruption. If it is the case then, please provide me the method that will help to fix the issue with my CDR file”

Resolution Techniques to Fix Error Reading in CDR File

To solve this issue there is two different method as discussed below:

Method#1: The first method is to convert the generated file to curves. This can be finished by use of two simple step.This first method is used to convert the generated file to curves.

** At first save file using “Save as” option
** The next is to rename it to edit the text in future.

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Method#2: Using this users can send file as PDF document. To do this see the below steps:

** Firstly, go to File option and then choose Public to PDF
** Then, in PDF Preset tab, select “PDF X/3”.

Two Main Strategies to Avoid Can’t Open CDR File in Corel Error


The users must be sure that the option of Automatic backup is enabled. To enable this follow the below steps:

** Move to the Tools >> Options
** Then in Option enlarge the workspace and then hit on save. By this, you could select the version to save the text items, frequency etc. R could set as “Ask When Saving” and set “Make Back-up on Save” option


This method is to create two individual copies of file in two different areas.

Fix “.cdr File Not Opening in CorelDRAW” Using Automated Method

After doing the resolution methods discussed above and if the problem still persist then, it is better to opt a professional tool. One of the best tool to recover the file is the CDR Recovery. This utility will help the users to repair the damaged CDR files easily.


CDR file is really used widely nowadays everybody’s usage is really different from person to person but all could see the same error value like “.cdr file not opening in CorelDRAW”. Therefore, to avoid this kind of situation some of the best manual tricks is described above which help the users to resolve the error reading in CDR file. If the manual method doesn’t provide the exact solution a suitable plan is discussed that is by the use of an automated solution.