Changing Fashion Era In Women Clothing 19th-21st Century

Fashion Era

Dress during the 19th Century underwent a complete change radically. This transformation was influenced by a change in taste but significantly with the introduction of a machine for making a variety of attire. Power looms, the sewing machine, weaving machines, electricity, steam power, new dye formulas as well as other inventions enhanced the speed & made manufacturing of clothes easier. These wonderful innovations were utilized for adding embellishments to women’s clothes. Still, 50s costumes for women are in trend in this new era.

“Fashion is Art & You Are The Canvas.”

Women’s Dressing Style In The 19th Century

Women’s style shifted spectacularly during the century. During the mid-century, women started wearing skirts, large dress with huge sleeves coupled with heavy ornaments. The fashion of the women changed as the century continued; slimmer silhouettes were introduced as well as a full-length skirt but limited to rear bustle. There was huge variations sleeve size & skirt; all through the century waists of the women were pinched tighter in a wide variety of corsets. Slim waists of the women were given due importance during the 19th century and this is what made the mothers made their young daughters bind corsets too.  In the coming century, women will surely experience more liberty in choosing women clothing type and a variety of new styles will emerge.

“Fashion is like eating, you should not stick to the same menu.”

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The Transformation

What women wear today is actually inspired by what was worn in the past. During 1900-1910 the clothes that were popular among the women was shirtwaist which included a shirt & a skirt. During this time, the straw boater hat was very popular with women. Corset was popular attire among the women for binding the waist as well as to bring out the figure of women of the early 19th century.

Long skirts, long sleeve & long neck were in vogue during the 19th century among the women. The blouse women used to wear had laces, even the evening wear for the women was like a wedding dress, to be precise, long flowing.

The women of 1960 showed that they were capable of altering the fashion style and the shift was striking.  There was a shift from extremely long dresses, corsets and hats to an exceptional altered fashion environment that was known as hippie clothing. The dress during this time was much revealing such as plastic mini skirts. The clothes were quite loose and casual. During this time, there emerged unisex look that is women could wear the dresses that men wore & vice-versa. As far as lingerie is concerned, during the 1960s the stretch bras were in fashion as those were not only comfy but had no seams. Ragged jeans also gained popularity during this time.

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During the 1970’s flared trousers were in fashion and it became a must-have; smock tops, mini skirt, hotpants and mules too became popular during 1970-1980. Skinny & high waisted jeans made its way later in the decade followed jersy long warp dresses.

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Women fashion during the 1980’s was bright & funky. Legwarmers, neon leggins, high-pop trainers & baggy blazers were in fashion.

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During the 1990’s & 2000’s, no strict fashion was followed. Though, these years had some of the beautiful clothes. For dinner, women wore satin made elegant gowns. The beachwear also underwent a complete change over the years; it went from unrevealing beachwear to semi-nude and what about iconic 90s fashion apparels? Do you like it?

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During the late 20th century, jeans could be paired with jeans shirt and it soon became a stylish dress code. The clothes worn by women of 21st century differ greatly from the type of clothes she wears during leisure time from the clothes that she wears to office.

All About The Fashion Of 21st Century

21st century fashion is all about expressing one self. The clothes worn by women of 21st century express feeling, mood, a way of life & attitude. Fashion of this century is eccentric as well as makes a style statement too. There are wide varieties of clothing for women for different purposes. Make sure that right accesories and footwear must be paired with the type of outfit you wear. The flashy prints of the 1990’s are back in the 21st century.

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Wrapping Up

Over the years, not only there has been a major shift in women fashion style & and western trends, there has been a great shift in when it comes to shopping. In the current scenario, time is a vital issue and online shopping portals have emerged as a savior for the women. A wide variety of women dresses online are available and there is no hassle of getting your favorite outfit right at your doorstep. Now women hardly visit retail outlet for buying the dress for any occasion as best women’s dresses online are available in abundance. So, know the current trend & wear clothes accordingly to look at your best. Your much preferred dress is only a click away.

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