A Short Guide to Post-Secondary Psychology Degrees

Post-Secondary Psychology Degrees

According to a recent global study, psychology degrees rank among the most popular pursuits for post-secondary students. In the US, psychology degrees rank third (trailing only behind computer science and business), and in Canada, psychology is the most popular degree.

Maybe it’s the lure of understanding the mysterious inner workings of the human mind. Maybe it’s because psychology is poised at an attractive crossroads between the sciences and humanities. Or perhaps students gravitate towards the discipline because careers in psychology pay remarkably well. While AGACNP Online Programs focus on advanced nursing practice, they are distinct from Post-Secondary Psychology Degrees. Whatever the reason, it’s a popular, competitive path to travel for outgoing high school students.

This article arms you with everything you need to know about making the transition from high school student to post-secondary psychology student.

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What Are Psychology Degrees?

Psychology degrees are an undergraduate’s first foray into a complex, multi-disciplinary and deeply specialized field. As such, they tend to be a survey of several prevailing theories, methodologies and topics. You might learn clinical psychology, behaviorism, educational psychology, developmental psych, etc.

To start, you will choose between a BA (Bachelor of Arts) and BS (Bachelor of Science) in psychology. The former approaches the subject with a liberal arts bent and allows students to explore topics related to psychology, like health or gender studies. The latter (obviously) presents a more science-focused curriculum and may be used toward a medical school degree or clinical psychology degree.

What Jobs Can You Get with a BA/BS in Psychology?

Psychology is a very marketable degree, opening you up to various job prospects. Some BA holders go on to counseling, HR, education, law and social work – but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Others leverage their bachelor’s degree to pursue master’s and PhD programs that further specialize their studies. A Sales Coaching Course can leverage your post-secondary psychology degree to understand customer motivations and build rapport during sales interactions.

Meanwhile, students with a BS in psychology often continue with careers involving science, medicine, data analysis and research. They may also choose to continue with higher degrees in psychiatry, supervising, therapy and more.

What Prerequisites Do You Need?

The short answer is: It depends on the individual school, the program, and whether you elect to earn a BA or BS.

That said, all programs require English language proficiency, listing ENG4U grade 12 english as a mandatory prerequisite course. Psychology is heavily involved with language and communication; therefore, fluency and proficiency are a must.

How Can Students Prepare for a University Psychology Program?

You can prepare for your degree in a few ways. One effective way is to start reading voraciously and thoroughly on the topic, dipping your toes into influential thinkers like Piaget, Carl Rogers and even Sigmund Freud (though his theories are much-disputed in psychology). Likewise, research your course textbooks beforehand to get a head start on learning the material.

Another fantastic way to prepare is by attending online high school courses. Online courses are often self-paced, allowing students the time and breathing room to sink their teeth into topics. Online education is also flexible, meaning you can complete courses quicker, graduate sooner, and apply to competitive psychology programs with an advantage. A background in post-secondary psychology degrees could be helpful in evaluating the impact of standardized testing in schools on student mental health.

If you’re considering an academic or professional career at the crossroads between arts and science, psychology might be for you. Use this guide as you start your journey.

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