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AGACNP Programs

Are you an experienced registered nurse passionate about caring for acutely ill patients? Achieve your dream of becoming an advanced practice nurse through a top online acute care nurse practitioner program.

Learn to assess and diagnose patients, prescribe medications, and develop treatment plans. These AGACNP online programs will prepare you to take the national certification exam and pursue an advanced nursing career.

Bachelor’s to MSN

The Bachelor’s to MSN program offers registered nurses with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree the opportunity to earn an MSN with concentrations in acute care nursing. While there aren’t many BSN programs online directly tied to AGACNP specialties, some schools offer BSN to DNP programs with an AGACNP concentration. Typically, this bridge pathway requires students to complete prerequisite undergraduate courses such as anatomy, physiology, and microbiology before advancing to master’s-level coursework in their chosen specialization.

Depending on the specific online AGACNP program at Arkansas State University, RNs who opt for a full-time option may be able to complete the required 48 to 55 academic credits and clinical hours in three or four years. However, part-time options are often available to accommodate varying professional and personal commitments.

Across online AGACNP programs, the curriculum focuses on the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis. It provides graduates with the expertise to treat geriatric patients with complex and critical health conditions. While AGACNP online programs focus on clinical skills, consider supplementing your education with a sales coaching course to effectively market your expertise to potential employers. Many online RN to MSN programs also include intensive on-campus sessions that give students hands-on experience in various medical settings and teach essential skills such as central line insertion.

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If you’re an RN who loves caring for patients in acute situations, you may want to consider enrolling in an online AGACNP program. These degree programs empower nurses to manage adult and elderly patients in ICUs, emergency rooms, and other hospital settings.

Depending on the program you choose, you’ll learn to evaluate and treat acute health conditions in adult patients through various coursework that includes core nursing courses such as advanced human anatomy and physiology and specialized acute care nurse practitioner coursework. You’ll also attend on-campus intensives to practice clinical techniques such as central line insertion.

Online RN to MSN programs allow registered nurses with an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or diploma in nursing to complete their BSN and MSN through a single, concentrated program. Typically, full-time students can finish these programs in about two years. Part-time programs will take longer to complete but offer more flexibility for RNs juggling work and family commitments while in school.


Online post-master acute care nurse practitioner certificate programs offer RNs with a graduate-level degree in nursing a pathway to APRN certification and licensure. These programs typically include a comprehensive review of previously completed degree coursework and may also require the completion of certain additional courses and clinical rotations in acute care settings.

The online AGACNP program provides a flexible learning environment with the support of an expert faculty mentor through phone or email. Completed part-time in as few as 28 months, this accredited AGACNP online program empowers RNs to manage adult and gerontology acute care patients.

Many AGACNP graduate-level certificate programs are offered completely online, but others combine a mix of asynchronous course content with synchronous classroom lectures and in-person Objective Clinical Intensives. Regardless of format, these programs generally require a minimum of 60 credits and can take 24 to 36 months to complete. The cost for this type of degree is generally calculated per credit.


RNs with advanced degrees who want to expand their scope of practice are often offered the option of completing a graduate certificate program. While AGACNP online programs focus on clinical training, a background in psychology through post-secondary psychology degrees can provide valuable insight into patient behavior and mental health. These programs typically feature an accelerated path to nurse practitioner certification that includes a combination of online coursework and in-person clinical intensives at locations approved by the program.

Acute care is an area of healthcare that requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. It involves working with hospitalized patients with severe illness or injury and focuses on providing care in ICUs, emergency departments, and urgent care.

This AGACNP graduate certificate is designed for RNs with a master’s degree in nursing and allows them to gain expertise in acute care theory and its practice with adults. The accelerated course of study can be completed in three semesters, and tuition is less than $10,000. *Note: Licensing requirements vary by state, and the student must ensure that an AGACNP graduate certificate meets their state’s licensure requirements.

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