8 Ways to Eat and Exercise For Faster Weight Loss

Long-term outcomes are the hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes we need a quick fix for weddings, reunions, other special events or to stimulate motivation. Here are ideas to get quick weight-loss results as you ramp up your workouts.

Pick up workouts is a great way to boost performance and achieve body goals; however, it’s common to increase your fitness routine just to gain weight. This is a concern which I encounter very often as a quality dietitian. Putting time and effort into training for a race, keeping up with a group class, getting in shape for a special occasion or achieving health goals can only be demoralizing to see the number on the scale creep up instead of down. It might be common, but that doesn’t mean that dealing with it is less frustrating.

The good thing for common complaints is that there is typically a common solution. It might take some work to identify exactly what your individual issue is, but from my experience working with fitness-minded clients, following these suggestions can help ensure that you get the lean results you’re looking for.


Body composition statistics, that’s wrong. Weight is just part of the picture when it comes to fitness. Having a body fat test or taking measurements of different body parts can provide a more precise monitoring of whether the routine is effective for you. Muscle is denser than fat and is more metabolically active (healthier) tissue — and muscle is used when exercise routines (especially strength routines) are increased. You can’t know that, of reality, just by getting on the scale

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Sudden gaining weight can mean that your routine actually works if your body’s fat has decreased and your body’s lean mass has increased.


Spending more time working out of it could contribute to more pressure to get the calories back in. If the exercises are longer than an hour and very hard, you may not need extra fuel. When losing weight is your objective, a calorie deficit needs to be created— and that’s not going to happen if you get treats with the’ I’ve won it’ mindset.


If you begin an ultra-endurance regimen, the body has enough glycogen stores to use. Carbohydrates hold extra water weight which adds to a puffy look. Cutting back on carbohydrates can help you achieve the short-term effect of appearing leaner due to a loss in water weight.  Giving yourself a little more protein all day can help keep you feeling full and increase your muscle gain.


Indeed, I said that. Consuming lots of raw veggies is great for your health, but it can cause bloating, which gives the appearance of not having a flat stomach. Having to digest a lot of roughness can also make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable, making it hard to get into the intensity of your workout. Foods containing sugar alcohol (diet, processed foods), chewing gum and sparkling water may also lead to excessive bloat.


Fitness recovery may require you to put calories in your workout to keep your body energized to perform well. Too often, I see people refusing to eat after their exercises just to suffer or totally overdo it later in the day. Restructure the daily diet by incorporating a banana to the energy boost before the exercise, and that the treat somewhere else in the day.

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Now, for a few non-food tips on how to structure and monitor your workouts:


On the days when you’re changing the routine styles, get the weights first. This can help your body heat up and manage your workout easier, helping you to get harder. It also ramps up EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) so you get into an aerobic workout with a higher rate of fat burn.


Fitness apps and digital calculators tend to overestimate the fire. Checking in with the body’s workload is the only way to get a good insight at how much fuel you use for a given activity. Research fitness trackers that count steps, heart rate and sleep at a minimum.

Also, they just ramp up activities to be more sedentary overall. Kick the’ I’m going to sit on the couch for hours because I worked out my mind this morning’ by using your tracker to set better goals or buzz if you’re still sitting too long. A good tracker can measure your heart rate during workouts to give a personalized look at how hard you’re working and how much calories you’re burning. If your heart rate is always at the speed of a’ run to the mailbox,’ you won’t see the progress that you’re chasing.


When you work out, especially high-intensity workouts, your metabolism is boosted by post-exercise oxygen consumption and the hunger hormone ghrelin is reduced. Doing a morning session and a night session can make this burn last all day long.

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While these tips can help boost your burn and short-term outcomes, long-term health and lifestyle changes are always a major goal. Once you’ve stepped up your routine, start implementing more sustainable ways to keep getting the results you want.

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