15 Great Things to do in Delhi, India’s Historic Capital


The national capital of India, Delhi, is a mesmerizing place to see the diversity of the nation. The city is full of energy with bazaars, food, and politics to spice up the conversation at every corner you can explore. The city has deep roots in history and is blessed with a couple of UNESCO world heritage sites.

Though there are endless things to do in Delhi, here are 15 great things that you can’t miss at India’s historic capital:

1-    Enjoy the beauty of the Tall Minaret

Qutub Minar is a renowned world heritage site and which you should not be missing. Humans seem to be miniatures in front of the 240 feet tall minaret built in 1192 by Qutub-ud-din-Aibak who was supposedly the first ruler of Delhi. The marvel is built using red sandstone and marble, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens to please the environment. Though the beauty of the minaret can be seen from far distances, it is always fun to explore the heritage closely.

2-    Visit the precious gate

If you are in Delhi, then you just cannot miss going to the India Gate. The gate is dedicated to the brave soldiers who fought their way and lost their lives in the deadly Afghan War. The gate stands 42m tall and holds a special value in the hearts of people. The names of 13,500 people who gave their lives for the Nation are inscribed on the gate with fountains making the space magical.

3-    Go on a shopping spree

The shopping freak in you would not be able to hold back to bargain the best deal at the Sarojini Nagar Market. The lanes of the market are filled with hackers selling everything at dirt low prices. From bags to cosmetics you would find everything at extremely affordable prices, and it’s a win-win if you are good at bargaining with the hawkers who would insist you to buy all they have got.

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4-    Spice up your trip with some spices

The largest wholesale market of Asia for spices, Sadar Bazar, is famous for spices and flavours. The market is not only limited to that, but it’s a hub for imitation jewellery, so ladies you know where to head out next. The spices available are exquisite and definitely not cheap since the quality is at par. You should not miss buying a couple of them to savour your favourite dish.

5-    Spend a melodious evening

The Sufi saints find their peace at the Nizamuddin Dargah. The music enthusiasts should not miss the beautiful aura of this place. The courtyard of the Dargah blossoms with Sufi devotional songs which can leave you mesmerized with a lifetime experience. These are accompanied by traditional musical instruments used in the golden days of history. The families staying here have been singing for ages, a must go for a soulful evening.

6-    Dive into the food of Chandni Chowk

The Parathe Wali Gali, which is located at Chandni Chowk, is a heaven for food lovers. You cannot imagine a paratha or stuffing which you may not find here. They have recipes which have passed on through generations to keep the lip-smacking taste intact. The place is sure to tingle the stomach even if you are not a fan of parathas.

7-    Watch the Royal Ceremony

If you are at Delhi, then a visit to the Rashtrapati Bhavan is a must to know the epitome of Indian Political System. The Changing of Guard ceremony takes place at the President of India’s residence every Saturday morning. The entry to Rashtrapati Bhavan is usually restricted, so this ceremony gives a phenomenal opportunity to see the breath-taking display of President’s bodyguard.

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8-    Visit the Oldest Market

The Chandni Chowk market is the oldest market of Delhi and is located in the heart of the city as well as the residents of Delhi. There are hundreds of shop which have everything under the sun you would need for survival. The cycle rickshaw tours are famous in the area to explore the area for the best food and places to shop.

9-    Get delved within the Islamic devotion

The Jama Masjid is one of the most iconic landmarks in the Old Delhi region. The mosque is an Islamic marvel and filled with devotional vibes. Just remember to cover yourself up from head to toe to access the Mosque from one of the several entry gates which have free entry and lead to the main structure.

10-     Pay tribute to the Father of the Nation

Mahatma Gandhi is remembered by one and all for the struggles and dedication towards the freedom of the Nation. Paying tribute to him at the Raj Ghat memorial is a gratitude nobody would want to miss while at Delhi. It has beautiful gardens and is situated on the banks of the sacred river Yamuna.

11-    Hustle your way to the Wrestle Mania

One of the things to do in Delhi is to watch the desi wrestling match. The locals call it Kushti, which is a traditional Indian wrestling match. You can enjoy the champions wresting against each other for free at Meena Bazar located opposite to the famous Red Fort every Sunday afternoon. It became a popular sport in India since the Mughal era and is a must watch for sports enthusiasts.

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12-    Catch a glimpse of Peace and Serenity

The giant lotus flower in Delhi, known as the Lotus Temple is a magnificent structure which praiseworthy. If you want to witness the divine beauty of marble blended with beautiful gardens, then you cannot miss visiting this place. You will find people of a different faith, embracing beauty.

13-    Taste the holiness in Delhi

The prominent Sikh worship place, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, is a place to fetch peace and prosperity. The place is so satisfying, and you can feel the humble vibe of people serving free food to anyone who comes there. The meal served there just cannot be missed for the divine blessing that has gone in cooking it.

14-    Visit the ruins of Delhi

The place is famous for spooky stories by the locals who narrate them with great assurance. The fort was built in Firozabad by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq and is frequently visited by curious people of Indian mythology. If supernatural powers excite you then rush to this fort to make a wish.

15-    Hunt for the next read

If you are a book worm and love to read then, you should visit the pavements of Old Delhi on Sunday as the Sunday Book Market is a much-awaited scenario for all the book lovers. Any topic under the sun and you will get a good read along with a massive bargain to delight your Sunday.

These are few of the great things to do in Delhi that you should definitely give a try.

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