Why you should choose high quality wire mesh products?

While choosing a window screen, ensure that you are choosing only the best quality. Mesh screens offer you that quality with a woven wire mesh that is produced by using a marine grade 316 High tensile stainless steel wire. There are several stainless steel mesh products available in the market that do not meet the International standards because they:

  1. Are not using high tensile stainless steel
  2. Do not use the composition of wire through chemical certifications
  3. Are lacking in pre-treatment for corrosion before powder coating
  4. Do not use the excellent quality outdoor UV resistant coating.

We use only the excellent quality of mesh available to the market and gives you peace of mind for several years to come. Stainless steel mesh will deter the determining corrosion from both intruders and corrosion. Stainless steel security products do not need any mechanical fixing to protect the mesh into the perimeter frame. So the potential for corrosion through different metal contact is prevented.

Stainless steel mesh by Window Screen Factory delivers an outstanding level of clarity and uninterrupted vision, hence making it suitable for several applications. Stainless steel screens have a wide range of products fit for the following residential and commercial applications. They are the best option when it is about securing windows in your home or business. Our screens offer excellent airflow and security while complementing the aesthetic appeal of the building.

The stainless steel screens deliver an outstanding level of clarity and unobstructed vision, hence making it fit for a wide range of applications.

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Your security screen should only ever require to be cleaned with a soft brush using hot water and mild cleaner. Clean with fresh water to remove any residue. You dont need to use strong detergents or abrasive cleaners.

The security window screens are made by using the outstanding quality materials available in the industry. Made from marine grade stainless steel mesh, these screens are highly corrosion resistant and excellently strong. With an average level of maintenance, your security screen will keep its outstanding look and resist corrosion for several years.

Screens in filters

Whether a simple or complex component, industrial uses of sintered wire mesh are widely accepted in many aspects. From flow filters to precision filter elements in space craft, wire mesh cloth meets wide range of requirements and is fundamental to the application area. We have been a pioneer in the technology of wire weaving for more than three decades. We develop and process woven wire clothes for filters and fabricated components meeting the highest industry standards. They are used in aerospace, aviation, automotive, electrical engineering, medicine, chemicals, water filtration, machine building or plastic processing, offering customized solutions for efficient production processes, reliable function, suitable quality and unique design.

The material, shape and function are closely interassociated in filters and components made from woven wire mesh. We conceptualize, and develop oven wire mesh to fulfil customer requirements for end-use, offering a wide range of proven products for new applications and developments. These include new weave types, automation solutions and conceptualizing the required production and testing process.

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Additionally we are constantly enlarging the technical boundaries to develop the ultimate solution for advanced products.

Uses of Sintered Monel wire mesh include: automotive industry, chemicals, castings, medical, filtration etc.

Sections and round parts

Single-piece or multi-part development is done by different cutting processes – rotary and stationary blades, splitting systems, water-jet cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, stamping or round cutting. Considering the requirements, the mesh components can be single or multilayer with and without edge bordering. Common application areas are: screening, classification, filtration, separation of different materials, plastic melt filtration, soil-catch screens, chromatography or automotive trim components.

Single- piece or multi-part production occurs by using different cutting processes- rotary or stationary blades, splitting systems, water-jet cutting, laser cutting, or round cutting. Considering the requirement, the mesh used can be single or multilayered with and without edge bordering.


A rolled edged assures that parts can be easily separated and hence particularly fit for any subsequent automated process. A solid border ensures that the edge wires are fixed. Common applications include- flow screens in water taps, filtration in medical and automotive technology.

Pressing or deep drawing

The production of two and three dimensional components, automated for large production processes or single part development for perforated or formed parts.

Pressed components

Compression of edges improves disc stability and prevents migration of wires. Multiple layers can also be compressed as needed. Common applications are protective units in switch cabinets, gas measurement sensors, plastic fibre development.

Cylinders and filter

Single and multilayer mesh in cylindrical forms are offered for large production operations. Support cores and connections are needed. We offer continuous and woven cylinders for heavy duty applications.

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