The Science Behind Cryoviva Cord Blood Stem Cells Bank

Before you understand what cord blood banking is you need to understand what cord blood is?

About Cord Blood

It is the blood in the baby’s umbilical cord, and it contains the stem cells that can grow into complex organs such as blood vessels, organs, and the tissues. They are helpful in some more complex conditions as well and they are considered as specialized cells as they are useful in treating dozens of diseases. The baby’s cord blood can be protected for future uses.

Banking The Cord Blood

It involves collecting the cord blood that’s left in the newborn’s umbilical cord and the placenta. The blood is stored for future medical uses. The blood contains lifesaving cells which are also called stem cells. Here it is important to consider that stem cells in the cord blood are different from the embryonic stem cells. For those who want to store the cord blood, they have two options. Either they donate the baby’s cord blood to the public cord blood bank for anyone who may need it, or they can go with a private blood bank like Cryoviva cord blood stem cells bank. But in the latter case, they will have to pay for their services.

Wondering How The Blood Is Collected?

It is collected just after the birth of the child, and the collection process is painless and safe for you and the baby. It doesn’t come in the way of labor or the delivery in any way. In fact, the process is so quick that the parents are often unaware of it. Once the baby is delivered in, either way, the cord is clamped and then cut in the usual way. To collect the cord blood, the medical provider inserts the needle into the umbilical vein on the part of the cord that’s attached to the placenta. The blood then drains to the bag, and the entire things don’t take more than 10 minutes.

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And The Benefits Are Aplenty

The stem cells are the fundamental cells of the blood and the immune system, and they come with the ability to develop into other types of the cells, so they go a long way in repairing the tissues, organs and the blood vessels which can be used to treat a lot of diseases.

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