The Benefits Of Combining PPC And SEO In Your Broader Digital Marketing Campaign

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There are many digital marketing strategies at your disposal – many of which work well on their own. However, there are a select few strategies that can be even more powerful when you combine them.

In this article we’re going to highlight the benefits of PPC and SEO when combined in your broader digital marketing campaign:

1.     Pick up the slack with PPC

It is no secret that SEO can take some time to properly establish. All going well you could be looking at anywhere between 3 and 6-months (sometimes even longer) before you can make an ROI. However, with PPC, you can gain (almost) instant traffic and generate sales through your website while your SEO takes root.

In other words, you get to create immediate brand awareness while simultaneously investing in long-term gain.

2.     Even more visibility

It is possible to appear in a Google SERP (search engine results page) with both sponsored ads (PPC) and organic listings (SEO). In doing so, you not only increase your overall visibility – but the chances of someone clicking on one of your listings and heading to your website as well. Combining PPC and SEO is a smart SEO tactic that can help businesses achieve their online marketing goals.

3.     Learn more about your target audience

The nature of PPC will allow you to split test and trial various messaging and imagery in order to see what best resonates with your ideal audience. It can help you determine:

  • What drives your potential customers to click?
  • Which images and messaging work best?
  • What is the intent behind each search?

The more data you collect in your PPC; the more information you can apply to your long-term SEO strategies.

4.     Gain visibility for time-sensitive content

Do you have a special offer coming up? Perhaps there are seasonal changes happening to your business and you want as many of your prospective customers as possible to know? This is where PPC can come in very handy: allowing you to create highly targeted, seasonal content to fill in the gaps where your SEO will be a little bit too slow.

5.     Retarget organic traffic

As highly qualified as your organic traffic should be, not every single website visitor is going to make a purchase. However, what you can do is retarget them using PPC ads. So, rather than let them go and hope that they don’t end up with one of your competitors, you can have a number of other attempts to grab their attention, bring them back to your website and complete the transaction. Effective digital marketing practices often combine PPC and SEO to maximize online visibility and drive targeted traffic.

Final thoughts: Strength in numbers

The general idea of combining PPC and SEO is ‘filling in the gaps’ and creating as big a net as possible when going fishing for new leads. There are many beautiful ways in which both strategies can complement one another – so, rather than choose between the two, we say combine them both in your efforts. So save yourself the trouble, we also recommend that you find a PPC management agency that specialises in SEO and social media marketing in addition. That way, you can focus on a multitude of strategies under one banner, thus saving you the time and trouble of having to communicate with more than one third-party agency.

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