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Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is famous for the magnificent temples which feature unique architecture. This city is proudly called ‘City of thousand temples’. Kanchipuram silk sarees originate from this place. They are hand-woven sarees that are made of mulberry silk. Kanchipuram silk is as old as 400 years. Here you will get to see the rich temple culture and the ritual of wearing silk sarees for weddings gifts and other occasions. Because of this amazing culture, many weavers settled down here.

‘Queen of Saris’- This is the name given to Kanchipuram silk sarees because of their sheen, durability, and gleam from the exclusive zari work. This astonishing Kanchipuram silk saree is worn by ladies of all age groups and for any ceremony or function. This saree is a must in the trousseau of the bride and is mostly passed on to generations. The heavier the saree is the higher the quality is of the saree. Zari is the work done with metallic thread (usually gold or silver).

The thread is used to make various attractive and creative motifs in the body and pallu of the saree. Some of the designs of the zari work speak the history and culture of India. Some of the silk sarees also have scenes of classics like Mahabharata or Ramayana. As time passes there has been the use of contemporary and tribal motifs. One of the common and all-time favorite motifs is the jasmine bud inside a round or square border.

Making of The Exquisite Silk Saree

The first step is to choose the color of the mulberry silk thread for the saree. The finest quality silk is used for making the Kanchipuram saree. The silk must not be broken or cut. The thread is made more durable by the method of twisting three single threads together. This also adds to the weight and quality of the saree. Another exciting thing about the making of the saree is that the weaver primarily forms the border, pallu and the body of the saree separately. After that, he interlocks them firmly to make one piece. It takes 10-12 days to create a simple Kanchipuram saree, whereas a more elaborately designed saree will take up to 20 days to create.

The cost of the silk saree is determined by the amount of silk used to make the saree and the zari used as well. The more the zari used the more expensive it becomes. The best way to maintain the silk saree in an immaculate condition is to always give it for a dry wash.

The weaving art used to create the authentic silk saree is passed down to generations as an inheritance from the very first weavers. Now about 20,000 handlooms are being operated in the Kanchi district. One must take special care while purchasing the silk saree and ensure the GI label is present. This certifies the origin of the saree.

Drape It and Accessorize It!

The world-famous Kanchipuram silk saree was traditional of 9 yards in measurement. This would represent the culture of temple tales. As time passed by the sarees were changed to 6 yards in measurement that had gold zari work. This could be draped in a normal manner.

Draping a silk saree needs more attention as the designs should be displayed in the right way. You can see the tutorial videos on the exact way to drape a silk saree. The saree can be draped in more than just one way depending upon the occasion and the design of the saree. People from different parts of India have their style of draping the saree. Each one is beautiful in its way.

The jewelry usually worn along with the Kanchipuram silk sarees are made of gold. It can be heavy jewelry or even lightweight ones.

The Kanchipuram saree adds prestige to your wardrobe. It is a saree that is desirable by every Indian woman. Nowadays women of other countries have also become extremely fond of Kanchipuram silk sarees!

Sarees receive an ageless interest and suitable for people belonging to celebrate different festival and flaunt off their ultimate look in office. Throughout the times sarees are considered to the most renowned part of the women clothing in India. Even for short heighted girls, Silk Sarees can work wonders if these simple processes are being followed:-

  • Wear thin border or piping based sarees:- Thin border saree gradually increase up the visual length of the saree. A thin border would be your perfect mate in making you appear tall.
  • Thin fit petticoats:- It’s high time to say goodbye to those mummy looking like petticoats and implement the thinner version of it too your wardrobe. Remember the perfect look of the saree largely also depends on the selection of saree.
  • Choose a right kind of fabric:- It all depends even on the selection of fabric and the way you carry it. If you are short heighted and inclined being little bit plump then choose a saree that has light weight too. Prominent advantage of light weighed sarees is also that they are the easiest thing to carry.
  • Right hair styling is important:- Unlike right choice for saree, even the hair style largely plays an pivotal role. If you have got short height then try not to go with middle partition however bun is absolutely fine element.
  • Choose an high end statement jewelry:- smaller accessories will make your look go little shorter however go for long and statement designer pieces according to your face type. If you are wearing something heavy in your neck then go for lighter version in ears. A long eye kajal will work wonders in bringing to you that distinctive look.
  • Opt for dark colors:- If you are towards short side then darker colors could easily hide up all that flaws and keep your look extremely confident. At the same time, dark shades are perfect to give you that ultimate classy look.
  • Choosing vertical instead of horizontal stripes:- Vertical ones could create in that positive epoch to your overall look. In order to contrast well and give in that contemporary feeling you could go for vertical stripes blouse and plain saree.
  • Well-fitted blouse is must deed:- In order to save yourself from an untidy look, it is must thing to wear an proper fitted blouse with the saree. If you are too short in height then never go for high neck blouses.
  • High heels could be your ultimate savior:-  It could be great help when heels are worn because it can aid a lot and saree wont sweep unto the floor. If you are planning to attend any kind of formal event then you could even wear up wedges or could even opt for square heels if you wish to look thin.
  • Pin up saree like a pro:- When you are all set to pin up your saree a little overlap factor should be remembered. Remember in sarees it is also important that how you place on your pleats.

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