Important Reasons to Hire Title IX Defence Attorney For Hearing

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There are some unfortunate times in your life when you might get accused of sexual assault anywhere. If so, and if you are not at fault, then the only person who can save you from the mess has to be an attorney. The reliable title ix defence attorney will be the one to help you consider the points associated with the case and will help in proving your innocence to say the least. Now, the initial thought that crosses your mind is why you should hire the title IX defence lawyer for the hearing. To help you with the answers, there are some notes for you now.

A lot will be at stake:

Any attorney who is representing you in the current Title IX hearing is going to be your advocate through some serious procedures, which might add on some significant consequences on education, and even on some other aspects of life.

  • Your lawyer will be the one to guide you through the entire process, which is rather complex and ensure that the area where you have been charged will respect your rights and best interest. IT will take place through the entire title IX proceeding.
  • It is not just about the expulsion or suspension at stake but also some of the other serious and even long term consequences to consider in here. There are some negative effects which are to be taken care of like the ability to graduate or transfer or even get join or pass background check right after school.
  • Remember that the title IX procedure is not going to get removed all by itself. You will always need some experienced advocates to serve you procure the best result as possible in such scenario.
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Focusing towards the agenda of ED:

As per the Title IX, the ED or the Department of Education has stated that the universities and colleges should have equitable and prompt process for resolving issues of sexual violence of harassment as part of Title IX Violation. The same area has further stated informal guidance as to what the proceeding might look like and the universities need to adopt the same for avoiding revocation of federal funding of all kinds. At this present moment, the ED’s procedure is notorious for just favouring the witnesses and even failing to just avoid sufficient protections to those students, who are accused. It is mandatory for you to get hands on the attorney to help you understand the rights well and ways to stand up for those rights too.

Understanding the motivation of the school:

Only because your school is the only one area or spot to conduct the Title IX hearing, it does not mean that the school is on your side. The school mainly has some powerful motivations to help prioritise the interest of the accuser over your own interests.

  • The school might lose the federal funding in case the Title IX cases are not proficiently handled in way which will otherwise satisfy the federal government.
  • But, the schools actually knows that it might end up facing some significant losses from the private lawsuits as presented by students whose rights were actually denied by institution within the Title IX proceeding.
  • In case, you have help from the attorney, then this might put the school on notice that you actually care for the procedure and have been well educated of the rights you have. It will not allow you to be taken any advantage of in any of the unfair proceeding.
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School disciplinary committee and its nature:

Even when you are not formally charged with any crime the school might still be the one to determine that any report of any alleged sexual misconduct on the campus might merits a hearing.

  • Most of the time, this hearing is able to take place before any of the disciplinary committee, which is made out of some combination of staff, faculty and students, based on the institution.
  • The main aim of this hearing is not quite to determine the criminal innocence or any guilt. But the main aim over here is to access whether the academic consequences will be apt or not.
  • The consequences of the Title IX hearing will be way more far reaching when dealing with in practice.

Proof standard remains quite low:

Based on school’s procedure, the disciplinary committee might find that you have committed sexual misconduct by using preponderance of evidence as stated proof. Such lower proof standard is dangerous in sexual misconduct cases. So, the attorneys can help you to present the best case possible just to work out in your defence with low proof.

These are some of the reasons for you to head towards Title IX Defence Lawyer ASAP if you want to make the winning work out in your favor as asked for.

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