How to Print Multiple MSG files to PDF in Batch

How to Print Multiple MSG files to PDF in Batch

The following data section provides the solution for the users concerned with the issues to print Multiple MSG files to PDF file format in Batch. As there are multiple queries. This knowledge section provides the solution to the problem in 2 ways i.e. Manual and Automated solution.

The MSG file format

MSG file format is utilized in MS Outlook. All the mails of MS Outlook and Exchange are saved as the .msg file format. It offers the users with multiple effective utilities such as Spam filtration for better & secure mail transfer over the mail client.

The PDF file format

When it comes to the PDF i.e. Portable Document Format. It is a standalone portable document that is the proprietary file of Adobe Acrobat Reader. These file are cross platform combatible, Hence they are even called as Mobile files that can be accessed on any platform. The PDF format is also bundled up with some security features such as the password protection.

Now, The MSG file format has multiple uses, But there have been scenarios where the user requires to convert multiple MSG files to PDF in batch. Following are the solutions that can be opted in order to resolve the problem:

  • Convert the MSG files to the Adobe file format using Outlook
  • Launch the MS Outlook Application and select an email.
  • Go to the file tab and click on the Save as option.
  • Navigate and select any location for saving the emails.
  • Click on the Drag and Drop List corresponding as Save as kind and opt for the Adobe PDF file format.
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Note: As soon as the process is complete, the file will be saved in the .html file format.

  • Now, navigate to the location of the .html file format. Afterwards, right click on file and open it with MS Word.
  • Once the file opened in the MS Word software click on the office button. Click on Save it as PDF document.

Note: Finally, The MSG files are now exported as the PDF file format. These files can be accessed in the Adobe PDF Reader software.

Limitations of Manual technique

The Manual method may be easy but, but it is employable only when the MSG files are limited in numbe r. As only a few files can be converted at a time. In case of multiple MSG files, it can become very difficult for the user to convert multiple MSG files to PDF, also there are chances of corruption for the original file. Thus, it is always advisable to go for the automated solution for the concerned problem.

Automated Methodology – Print multiple MSG files to PDF file format

There are multiple programs available that can easily perform the conversion easily. But, Among all of them, the most simplified and the best suited software is the MSG to PDF converter software. The software provides the multiple features as written below:

  • Generates preview for the MSG files along with all the attachments to the MSG files.
  • Views all the message files via different views featured such as the header, hex and all the properties, etc.
  • It provides the option to perform automated detection of folders of the MSG files on the machine.
  • Export and create a single PDF filefor each and every MSG file that has been added to the software .
  • Selectively export multiple MSG files to PDF from within the software interface.
  • The software is a complete solution that the user requires a software to print multiple MSG files to PDF.
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Wrapping Up

In the above mentioned data section. All the queries of the user regarding the viewing/exporting/printing multiple MSG files to PDF. The article has mentioned the solutions in the format of a manual and automated solutions. Thus, targeting the crucial methodologies for the assigned problem.