How insect screens keep your house cool and bugs-free

Insect screen is a stylish architectural solution, offering the screening for your home. Durable, modern screens can be customized for single double, bifold and sliding doors, as well as multiple stacking doors.

Beautiful and easy to use, the screens work smoothly and can be used in any position. Strong insect screens with special patented features prevent the mesh from sagging.

A smart way to prevent insects and mosquitoes by insect screen supplier by providing excellent screen profiles and rolls up into an attractive aluminium when not in use.

Other features include:

  • Brake for safe and controlled retraction
  • Full length magnetic closing seals
  • Optional full length sturdy pull handle
  • Optional pet resistant mesh screen

Sliding insect screen doors are lightweight and economical, supreme for screening either aluminium. The low installation depth of the outer tracks makes them clean and versatile.

It is the preferred insect screen solution in applications where wind gusts can be an issue for other types of screens. A combination of strong aluminium corners and non-visible adjustable bottom rollers make for a durable and smooth sliding insect screen. A slim-line matching vision rail helps prevent kids from accentually running into the screen.

Insect screens for a simple and convenient screening solution in applications where wind gusts can be an issue for other types of screens.

A matching vision rail helps prevent kids from accidentally running into the screen. Automatic closing is famous with the inclusion of an optional pneumatic door closer. The pet mesh helps protect the mesh from any accidental damage.

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Match your door with a similar insect screen. The window screens can be installed with an attractive, matching headbox, so the insect screens can be rolled away cleanly, when not needed. With head box systems, the retractable window screens combine advanced design with durable performance.

Magnetic insect screens

Another type is magnetic insect screens with their magnetic snap shut action, these are economical and versatile. Customized and installed with a decorative strip, these fit easily in your existing joinery and prevent any screen damage when opening or closing your windows.

Hinged insect screens

Hinged insect screens can be easily removed, with the use of an optional two piece hinging system, making cleaning and winter storage easy. The seal secures joints and prevents insects from entering through the little gaps.

Sliding insect screens

These screens are effortless to use to open and close and they can be easy to remove if not needed.

Reasons to choose Insect screen

  1. Feel your home more : Open up to allow the fresh air enter without letting any disease carrying insects in.
  2. Customized protection: Custom made to fit your window and doors in diverse sizes
  3. Durable and environment friendly: Tailored for chemical free insect protection
  4. Easy to clean and use: Hard to wear, easy to clean for long service life
  5. Advanced insect protection with proven suitability in the homes worldwide
  6. Unobtrusive, beautiful and high standards
  7. A wide range of screens means the right selection of screens
  8. Efficient protection and installation and competitive prices

The mesh screens are also fit for use in conservatories keeping them cool and insect free. They allow you to access outdoor areas while keeping insects at bay. The screens are designed to ideally match with doors and windows and provide the maximum insect protection. They easily stick to your window with the use of pre-attached adhesive strips. The cassette frame of the screen develops a complete seal so gaps are not created around the edges where insects can enter, the mesh is protected.

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Use of decorative wire mesh as an insect screen with right hole arrangement made to measure, the screens are perfect fit to a size.

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