Hamraaz Login: A Helping Hand for Army to Track their Activities

Hamraaz login

Have you heard about Hamraz app which is specially developed for our Army? Hamraaz Army App is specifically created to assist the Indian Army in learning about various actions such as Salary Slip, Promotion, and much more. Only Indian nationals can use this app. people who are living out of India cannot use this app. There are so many things which makes humraaz more specific as its name.

So, let’s discuss more about Hamraaz login:

What exactly is the hamraaz login? 

The Humraaz App is an Army App, It is particularly designed for army people for their data security and to prevent cyber attacks. It is a mobile application developed by the Army’s technology team for Indian Army troops. There are several amenities accessible in it after hamraaz login. The army personnel uses the hamraaz login to access their details, such as payments and other online services. They can perform all these activities after hamraaz login on their mobile phones. A person must have to input his command and grade information to use the Hamraaz app. In this way people outside India or Outside Army can not use this app. Following that, your account information will be displayed on the app.

How do I Get the Hamraaz App?

It’s simple to do hamraaz login. To begin downloading, click the ‘Download Latest Version’ option. After you’ve downloaded it, install it on your Android smartphone, and you’re done and ready for hamraaz login.

To get Hamraaz, get Hamraaz 6.52 on your phone by hitting the download:

  • Visit the Indian Army’s webpage at
  • Visit Scan the QR code to access the application area.
  • Scan the QR code to get the Hamraj App.
  • Click Install and Login Now to start the app for hamraaz login, now it is ready for usage. The most recent version of the Humraj app will be downloaded in this manner which you can use after completing the process of hamraaz login.

So, hamraaz login provides the same features and services as its website. In addition, the following services are offered on hamraaz login.

The following are the applications of Hamraaz Web:

  • Soldiers Can Monitor Their Service Records after hamraaz login.
  • Please tell us about their program.
  • Check out Postings and Promotions.
  • Payslip Description of simple troop communication
  • To begin, go to the official website
  • Choose the “Personal Mobile Login” button for hamraaz login.
  • A new personal hamraaz login page will display on your screen.
  • Enter your PAN card number as a user name in capital letters.
  • A new page with your current month’s payslip will display on the screen.

How to Register for the Hamraaz login

Once you install the hamraaz app, you must sign up for further information. So, here’s how you do the process of hamraaz login:

  • Launch the Hamraaz app.
  • Click the Signup button for hamraaz login.
  • Enter the number from your “Pan Card.”
  • Enter the password “ARPAN.”
  • That’s it; you may now access any of your information.

The Advantages of the Hamraaz login

The Hamraaz App has several unique features, which you will learn about now:

All Army employees can use the Hamraaz App by logging in with their Army credentials.

Army employees can check their Salary here after hamraaz login, Posting, PF, Pay-slip, and other service-related information.

They may also get their pay stubs using the hamraaz login in Humraaz app.

Overall, this software is quite valuable for soldiers in the Indian Army.

How do I Get The Hamraaz Army App?

It is pretty simple to install the Humraj Application on your Android Phone; if you have downloaded the APK App and want to install it, follow the steps outlined below.

To install the Hamraaz APK file on Android, follow these steps:

  • First, get the Hamraaz APK file.
  • Now navigate to the Download Folder and choose Downloaded File.
  • If you are requested for additional permissions, grant all permissions and access rights.
  • Install the APK Install, and then select Open.
  • Your smartphone now has the Hamraaz app loaded and ready for hamraaz login.

The hamraaz login has gone live with all of its features. Soldiers no longer need to download the hamraaz app using hamraaz login. Soldiers may now access all of their information immediately through websites. The hamraaz web facilitates communication among soldiers. It also allows for the immediate transmission of information to junior commissioned officers and other workers. These apps may help in developing workplace communication ethics. In addition, the hamraaz login assists Indian jawans in tracking their actions and duty. The hamraaz login is not presently available for Windows or PC; however, you may utilize the hamraaz login at The hamraaz login, allows you to download a payslip.

The Hamraaz login can be used for the following purposes:

  • Soldiers can keep track of their service records by hamraaz login.
  • Learn more about their schedules.
  • View job listings and promotions. 
  • Paystub Specifics
  • Soldiers’ communication is simple with hamraaz login.

Hamraaz Web Services

The same features and services are accessible on Hamraaz online. The following are the services offered by hamraaz login:

  • You will see a notification.
  • Encashment of leave on hamraaz login.
  • Policy and information are available.
  • Passwords can be changed at any time.
  • Status of fun withdrawal
  • PPO specifics/AGI claims
  • You can file or see complaints.
  • You may view information about the family by hamraaz login.
  • Details on a salary payslip
  • Access your inbox
  • Subscription to a different fund

What exactly is the Hamraaz Web Payslip Password?

The password for the hamraaz web payslip is the same as the password for the hamraaz app payslip. To obtain your password, you must first enter your pan card number. For example, the password for the hamraaz site is your pan card number’s first four digits and the date and month of your birth’s four digits.

How to Get Hamraaz Web Payslip

  • Go to the official website, gov. in.
  • Choose the “personal mobile login” option as hamraaz login.
  • A new personal hamraaz login page will display on your screen.
  • Enter your pan card number as a user name in capital letters.
  • Now, enter your username and password in the appropriate box and correctly input the CAPTCHA code as provided.
  • A new page will open; now select the menu choice.
  • Select “pay details” to get the payslip on hamraaz login.
  • A new page will open on the screen, displaying your current month’s pay stub.
  • To get the payslips for other months, enter the month in the appropriate field on the same page and click the download button.
  • The needed month’s pay stub will be downloaded to your smartphone.

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