Camping Advice for Beginners


If you talk to enough people, you’ll get all sorts of tips about camping. For beginners or individuals who’ve been away from camping out for some time, this could be a little intimidating. The great news is most tips about camping out can be sorted into four basic tasks:

  1. Make a List

If you’re new to camping out, you may need a good basic camping out check-list and start buying camping out equipment. If you already have some gear from past trips, you’ll have to create an inventory list. See what needs to be replaced or added for your next camping trip. When you return home, update your list with items you forgot or items you didn’t use. Save the list for your next trip!

  1. Research the Area

Knowledge about your camping out site is an invaluable resource as it helps you decide where to place your base camp, assistsin your activity planning, and enables you to create your safety plan. General pieces of knowledge everybody should know are the basic landmarks of the area and where the closest stores and hospitals are. These are vitally important in assisting you make your safety plan. Other pieces of info which should be known are how the land will be in the season you’re going and what wildlife you might encounter. The answers to these questions might dictate the need for additional supplies or adjusting the supplies you plan on bringing.

  1. Plan Your Activities

After you’ve researched the area you should start planning what activities you can do while you’re there. This is very important because you may want to adjust your equipment to accommodate certain activities. Naturally, if you plan on doing some birdwatching or stargazing, you should bring along a couple of binoculars. If you plan on doing any fishing, you need to bring items likefishing poles, tackle, and bait. Be sure that youpack several things to keep yourself entertained in case the weather goes bad and you’re stuck in your tent for a few hours.

  1. Talk to Other Campers

The second-best thing to firsthand experience is learning from other’s examples. Read all you can on camping websites, forums, and books to get as much info as possible before you leave on your trip. Don’t be afraid to post threads asking questions on forums or send e-mails to camping experts.Campers and wilderness guides tend to be very helpful people so be sure to let them share some of the knowledge they’ve picked up while camping over the years!

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