Benefits of Using Drones for Real Estate Photography

Drones for Real Estate Photography

Over the past few years, the real estate market has seen an overwhelming change.

Like earlier, things do no longer revolve around bill-boards, TV commercials, and newspapers. Nowadays, the real estate business has adopted modern marketing strategies and left behind the old method.

To increase clients’ sales and numbers, the real estate marketing industry moves towards real estate drone photography. In the end, a good shot of real estate helps to attract more customers to the business. Let us discuss how real estate drone photography can benefit the real estate market.

Real estate is a market that is becoming more competitive, and to stay in this competitive business, it is necessary to adopt new technologies. Among which Aerial photography is the most helpful tool. When you want to make an immense presence on the social media platform, photography is the thing that can help you to stand out different from the crowd. Not only this, but the best videography is something that works as an additional advantage to your business.

The better use of drone photography and videography will ensure that your existing clients will stick with you for a longer time and attracts new clients. While on the other hand, a poor or low quality of drone photography is not going to impress your clients.

Buying a house is the dream of every person, and for that, a person makes sure that he or she gets the best place. However, when people think of buying a home, they prefer to visit and physically see the property. This is so because buying a property makes a person think about various factors: living in a good location, having a dream home, and, most importantly, buying a house at low income. All these are potential reasons which every human being thinks of before purchasing a house.

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The benefit of drone photography in the real estate market is that when you can get a virtual tour of the property, why do you need to visit it physically? Drone photography can capture every minute detailing of the property from every angle.

The advantage of real estate photography can be defined –

  • Creating compelling images

The primary benefit of drone photography is that you can capture quality footage from a high angle. A high-altitude picture is not possible to capture with traditional digital photography.

  • Highlighting the features

Drone shots can capture the view of the surroundings of the property and highlight the prominent features of the house. On the other hand, the videos can also provide a better description of each property’s smaller thing.

  • Virtual tour of the property

However, drone photography mainly focuses on capturing the property’s interior, but it can also create capable filming indoors when used wisely. The video and shots can be used together to create a virtual tour clip for the clients.

  • Developing new businesses

Using drone photography is the best way to promote and attract new clients, ultimately helping you grow your sales.

  • Gaining above the competition-

The real estate marketers who are using drone photography gets the advantage of getting above the competition. The reason is simple as the listings that include drone shots look much more appealing than regular listings.

Challenges included in aerial real estate photography:

Every technology comes with its drawback along with its benefits. The same happens with drone photography. Although, it allows many benefits for the realtors but at the same time it gets restricted due to some of its drawbacks.

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Following are the certain circumstances that a real estate drone photographer may have to face-

  • Capturing the property surrounded by trees

When you capture every interior angle of the house, drones are the most reliable source. but when the surroundings are covered with trees then taking a tour of its surroundings by making the drone fly high could be a biggest challenge.

  • Indoor shooting can be challenging

Indoor shootings are actually a great way to attract new clients and develop confidence in them regarding buying the house. Drone photography makes the investor take the tour of the whole property without being physically present. But when you try to fly the drone in every corner of the house you can face many threats such as lost GPS signals, or the inability to capture the image from a fixed angle.

  • Drones are not for fixed-positioned photography

When the clients demand for a shot from a fixed position you can find it difficult to capture it from a drone. To make it possible you need to gather some more tools that can help you with fixed positioned shots.


In real estate, drone photography is a technique that can help increase sales and attract new customers. However, while doing aerial photography, you also need to focus on the camera’s quality, the time of capturing the property, and the angles from where you are taking the shots. When all these things work correctly, your virtual tour of the property can benefit you greatly.

Author Bio :

Kristen Taylor is an experienced real estate drone photography expert, who believes in introducing advanced technologies in the real estate business to improve customer service.