Why B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering can be the Best Engineering Course


Engineering aspirants often get confused while choosing the branch of study. If you are unsure of choosing mechanical engineering as a course of study for B.Tech admission, you can consider all its benefits to make a wise decision. Apart from the advantages, students must also identify their passion and interests and check how it matches with each of the engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and basic branches of engineering. Its fundamental principles are applied to design, develop and construct almost all the physical devices and systems. This field of engineering is much more than automobiles machines.

Mechanical engineering is one of the four major disciplines of engineering. The programme of B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering equips students with basic understanding and knowledge of working with heavy tools and machines. The students will catch on the designing of automobiles, electric motors etc. Everything from new batteries to medical equipment is designed by mechanical engineers. Before jumping on the benefits of choosing B.Tech in mechanical engineering for graduation, you must know what the field all about is.

What is B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering?

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering is a four-year UG level programme. Usually, students who wish to enter the mechanical field opt for this programme. Mechanical Engineering is the branch involving productions, designing and operations of machines. The programme aims to prepare students to apply the principle of engineering for designing, manufacturing and maintenance of systems.

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If you are 12 pass out student and have a love for machines, you can begin a career in the field with the mechanical engineering course. Anyone with a good level of mechanical aptitude and curiosity about complex systems and vehicles is a good aspirant to undertake a mechanical engineering course.

Reasons for choosing Mechanical Engineering for B.Tech Admission

Course of Study

The study plan of B.Tech in mechanical engineering is designed to prepare candidates for future opportunities. Aspirants get to study subjects such as Mathematics, Machinery, Electronics and Instrumentation, Fluid Mechanics etc. Choosing the right college will add the advantage of experienced faculty and great opportunities to learn.


Those who are pursuing mechanical engineering for passion have a very interesting learning experience. It generally is the study of the stimulating phenomena of engineering and science with a basic focus on various interesting subjects such as machine design thermal engineering, production and industrial engineering. Mechanical engineering is found to be most interesting among all engineering fields and equips engineers with immense knowledge in several areas.

Promising Career Opportunities

On completion of the B.Tech programme, aspirants are open to wide career prospects. Automobile and Manufacturing Industries provide a plethora of opportunities for mechanical engineering graduates. Due to the rapid industrial revolution, the need for machines and automation of human labour has exponentially increased.

Further, there are a vast number of international manufacturing companies that have ventured in India with an aim to expand their business. Mechanical engineering graduates can also go for higher studies such as M.Tech and PhD, to open more job prospects.

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High Salary

Average packages for B.Tech Mechanical Engineering pass outs are on the higher side for both private and public sector. The work of a Mechanical Engineering comprises initiating, planning, managing, and completing mechanical works. Mechanical engineers earn a good amount. With considerable experience in the field, the salary of the engineers increases at a fast rate.

After completion of the course, aspirants will get handsome salary packages ranging between INR 4,00,000 and INR 6,00,000 as per the expertise of candidates in the field.

Reputed Profession

Mechanical Engineering is in a high demand field where skilled graduates are able to secure job profiles immediately. It is one of the oldest and most recognized divisions of engineering. Any student with the skills and desire to excel in the field will find success soon.


The scope of mechanical engineering in India and abroad is wide for every aspect of our lives are touched by mechanical engineering directly or indirectly. Spanning multiple industries, the career prospects for students pursuing the programme of mechanical engineering is vast. Mechanical Engineers can secure jobs in Government and Private organizations such as Banks, Railways, Defense, etc. The growth of the Mechanical Engineering branch is enormous.

There are ample amounts of job possibilities for B.Tech Mechanical Engineering graduates in Government as well as Private sector.

The desire to attain a B.Tech Mechanical Engineering degree will depend on an individual’s aspirations and goals. Looking at how application of this discipline is spread over a vast spectrum, it has virtually penetrated almost every industry out there. This means that it is a practice that has been developing and keeps evolving. Hence mechanical engineering will always be an evergreen field with endless opportunities. If you are interested in studying mechanical engineering, the next step of your decision is to consider the available course options for students.

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Author Bio :

Pankaj Sharma is an education counselor and remains always active to impart information on available career options for the students from different streams. Visit this article and know the details about B.Tech in mechanical engineering