7 Reasons to Schedule Your Car for Regular Maintenance

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When you drive your car, it will be in great condition and will not having any issues. But that doesn’t mean it will stay in great condition always. Keeping up with the regular maintenance schedule can help you with unwanted trouble. There are two ways of showing love to your vehicle. One way is through regular service and another is by improving your driving style. Thus, here are some valid reasons to schedule regular maintenance and take care of your car.

  1. It is essential for your safety 

The most important reason to keep your vehicle in good condition is your safety. Your vehicles have things like bumpers, tires, liquid levels, ignition systems, and more. These are some essential things to check regularly. Due to these things, you will hardly lose control over a smoothly running car. Thus, you should check regularly to make sure that they are not damaged and car shipping guide too.

Apart from getting the car checked for its electric and mechanical parts, also ensure that you are checking seat covers, baby seats, roof racks and storage pods, wiper blades, windows and more parts at regular intervals.

  1. To keep your vehicle in its most valuable state

You need to consider this point if you’re planning to resell your car. Even if your car requires minor repair it’s worth doing it because the damage body doesn’t look good. The repairing cost will be little and it will keep your car in proper and well-maintained manner. Doing this will automatically increase the value of your vehicle.

  1. Insurance

Just because you meet with an accident that doesn’t mean your insurance company is going to pay you, unless you repair the damaged bumper and claim for the exposure for your vehicle. Also, insurance companies will only pay you for the out part of the application, which will be covering only the new damage and not the old one. Thus, rather than waiting for more damage, it’s better to get it to repair as soon as it occurs.

  1. To take the law of safe driving

For safe driving, it is essential to have your bumpers in good condition. Driving with damaged bumpers can result in legal complications such as fine and challans. So, you can hire expert bumper repairs to ensure that your bumpers are in good condition and fit for the road.

  1. Avoid long term damage

The primary purpose of the bumper is to limit the impact of damage to the actual car. The bumper can do their job well, but if it gets damaged, it will not be able to protect your car body before junk a car like it was doing before. When you look from the outside, only a few damages can be seen, but what lies beneath can be more severe than you think in the long term.

For example, a small crash in bumper can allow access to water in the internal body and cause erosion. Thus, to avoid long-term damage, it right to restore your bumper fully.

  1. Your car will not overheat

To ensure a smooth ride, you need to maintain the consumables like transmission fluid, engine coolant and oil. When you don’t replace or refilled for a longer time, your vehicle can get overheat and this could destroy your journey. Regular maintenance can help you eliminate these issues.

  1. It will save you money

It might seem that you’re spending much money on maintaining your car. In reality, though, sticking to a car maintenance schedule helps you to save money and time down the road.

For example, if you replace the timing belt before it gets malfunctioned, you will have to pay less but once it is fully damaged it can even damage your engine. Moreover, things like clean filters and inflated tires will also improve your fuel economy, which will help you in saving gas money.

The basic car maintenance schedule

It’s not enough to service your car only in winters, every car needs check-ups throughout the year. This is the basic car maintenance schedule which can help you in keeping your vehicle in good condition.


Every month, look at the following aspects: 

  • Check engine light is off or on
  • Clean your foggy headlights
  • Clean exterior and interior
  • Check tire, windshield and lights.


Every 3 months

Go little-in-depth every 3 months and check these elements:

  • Hoses
  • Fuel filters
  • Cables and battery
  • Belt condition
  • Power steering fluid
  • Exhaust


Every 6 months

You’ll need to add these things to your inspection list:

  • Engine air filters
  • Windshield wiper blades
  • Chassis lubrication


Every year

Finally, you will have to check these elements every year:

  • Coolant
  • Power steering fluid
  • Steering and suspension
  • Cabin air filters

This list might look long, but remember, most of them take very little time and repairs, when they are check early, they aren’t expensive.


If you get your vehicle for routine service, you will don’t have any hiccups while on a road trip. And moreover, your insurance policy will ensure that you’re covered against any unforeseen events involving a car. Thus, it is highly important that you keep a track, maintain your car on regularly and get a financial cover with an insurance policy.

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