Car Shipping Guide for the Everyday Family

Car Shipping Guide For The Everyday Family

Whether you’re moving house or just moving a vehicle, there are many reasons to ship a car across state lines. If you’re looking to relocate, high gas prices may make shipping a car a cheaper option.

Make Your Move Simpler

Moving is one of the primary reasons that homeowners hire a car shipping service. Even if you choose to drive your family across the country, you may have a small vehicle or a motorcycle that won’t be helpful when you’re trying to move your belongings. You may also own a classic vehicle; running up the odometer just to relocate it may not be a good choice.

If you plan to do a DIY move and rent a moving truck, the last thing you need to worry about is a toy hauler or a tow dolly on the back of a large vehicle. Unless you have a lot of experience both driving large vehicles and hauling a trailer, you will find the drive exhausting.

With a professional to ship the cars, you don’t plan to move, you can simply schedule a pickup for the car that you need to ship. As long as your car or motorcycle doesn’t leak or drip and the fuel tank is down to about a quarter, you may be able to drop off the vehicle in a holding lot for an easy load. It is a must to use the best marketing tips for private car movers and carry essential car accessories always with them. There are also services that will pick up the car you need to ship.

Purchasing a Particular Vehicle

It can also be useful to hire a car transport vehicle if you are trying to purchase a particular vehicle. For example, you may be in the market for a vehicle that offers hand controls for someone who struggles to use their feet. You may be looking for the custom car you always wanted in high school and purchase it 3 states away. No matter the reason, a company that will safely deliver the exact car you need can be extremely beneficial.

If you have recently relocated and are struggling to find a vehicle to suit your needs, you may be able to purchase something from a dealership you used to work with. They would be happy to keep your business; if you really want a particular make and model and there are no dealerships in your new city, shipping a car to suit your family’s needs could greatly simplify your purchase.


If you are the recipient of an inherited vehicle, hiring a professional to move it to your location can be quite helpful. You may need to get it checked out by a mechanic to make sure that there are no leaks coming from the car, but arranging this over the phone will save you a great deal of travel time and worry. These all things show that you are taking action for your car care.

Do be aware that your inherited car doesn’t have to run to be shipped. You will need to arrange a tow to the loading point for shipment to your door. Your new-to-you vehicle from a beloved family member can still be yours, even if it won’t start.

Student Vehicles

If your college-bound student has a good car for getting around town, you may still not be confident about letting them drive it across the country. If you’re already going with your student to help them move into the dorm, shipping their car may be a much more economical choice.

Such a vehicle shipment can also be a great gift to a new graduate who needs a vehicle to get to and from their first job. Even if they had a student car, it may not be the right vehicle to get them to the office and back. Instead, consider shipping them something a bit more upscale as they move into the working world.

An Overseas Move

If you’re planning a move to Hawaii, you will obviously have to ship a car. Now is also the time to fully assess the vehicles you currently own. Do you have an older car that is starting to require a lot of maintenance? It’s probably not a good option for shipping over water.

However, there are many companies that will ship cars undercover on an overseas carrier. If you’ve always wanted to tour Hawaii with the top down, it may be time to ship the classic convertible you searched for and leave the utilitarian vehicles behind. Every family is different, of course. However, the restrictions on leaks are quite stringent among companies that ship cars, and the overseas shipping process has more safety requirements.

If you’ve been considering becoming a one-vehicle family, an overseas move may be the ideal time to make the switch. You can save both on car payments and on gas when you get to your new destination.


A cross-country trip on a motorcycle may seem like a dream, but if you need to move to Montana in December, you’ll want to ship the bike. Vehicle shipping companies can easily secure your bike under cover for the trip and get it to you dry, dent-free and ready to ride when spring comes.

If you’ve got history and confidence towing an RV, it may be tempting to add a toy hauler. For those with plenty of time, this combination may work. However, long hours of driving can be quite exhausting. Additionally, there is no way to monitor your bike in a closed trailer. If you usually haul it on an open trailer, you could draw unwanted attention when you pull up to your new home.

You will have enough to do at your new location. If you hire a vehicle shipping company, you can delay the delivery of your car or motorcycle until you are ready to store it. Too many vehicles during a move can actually slow you down.

Moving is never easy. Working with a vehicle shipping company can help you focus on just one vehicle for your family’s relocation, or you can ship all the vehicles and fly to your new home.

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