7 Best Places to Visit in Idukki for the Most Memorable Trip Ever!

places to visit in idukki

One of the most stunning natural places in Kerala, Idukki is an offbeat but spectacular attraction. There are scores of amazing places to visit in Idukki that you will be left spoilt for choice! From nature-based attractions to modern ones, the diverse Idukki tourist places will leave you mes

erized. Even getting from one attraction to another will take you through some awesome sights along the way. You can check for Idukki tourist places road map online to see what we mean! Reportedly, there are haunted places in Idukki as well. While we can’t really vouch for that, we can definitely say there are many awesome places to visit in Idukki!

Explore Kalvari Mount Idukki and other attractions this vacation! To help you decide where to begin, we’ve listed some of the best places to visit in Idukki below. Glance through them and decide which ones you’d like to explore first.

Top tourist places in Idukki to visit:

Besides, Kochi, Munnar, and the Alleppey backwaters, Idukki is among the best Kerala tourist places to explore. Even if you’re making an unexpected short trip on last minute flights, you’ll find many tourist places in Idukki for one day trip. Check out some of the best places to visit in Idukki listed below!

  1. Idukki Arch Dam

One of the largest arch dams in the world, the Idukki arch dam is sprawled across a whopping height of over 550 feet. This will be among the top places to visit in Idukki listed by many Idukki travel blogs and sites. The spectacular dam has been constructed between two massive mountains and over the stunning Periyar River. A large portion of the electricity the state receives is generated by the Idukki arch dam. You can also check the Ghorepani poon hill trek in Annapurna to enjoy your trip.

  1. Kalvari Mount Idukki

Also known as Calvary Mount, the spectacular Kalvari Mount Idukki is one of the most picturesque places to visit in the region. It offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Idukki reservoir and the nearby gorgeous landscapes. With right positioning, you’ll be able to spot elephants and tea gardens as well. Replete with fresh mountain air, a serene ambiance, and scenic beauty, this is one of the most romantic places to visit in Idukki for couples.

  1. Hill View Park

Situated right next to the Idukki dam, the Hill View Park is among the best places to visit in Idukki for families arriving on business class flights. You can enjoy elephant spotting at the park besides taking in sweeping views of the beautiful surroundings. Also, there’s a water body in the park that offers exciting boating facilities. If you’re visiting with kids, they can enjoy the playing area at the park designated just for them.

  1. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

This is among the most popular tourist places in Idukki for wildlife enthusiasts. The high-altitude park sprawled across an area of approximately 77 sq. km. is home to some of the most spectacular flora and fauna of the region. There’s also a reservoir here that’s been formed by three dams. It’s among the best places to visit in Idukki to spot elephants and other stunning animals of the region.

  1. Thommankuthu Waterfalls

If you love waterfalls, this should be high on your list of places to visit in Idukki. The seven-step lustrous waterfall cascading down a height of about 300 feet is spellbinding to look at. Also, there are delightful pools at every level of the waterfall you can take a break at amid trekking. Manaslu trekking with tsum valley is also a fabulous place. This is one of the most photogenic tourist places in Idukki for one day trip or more. Thereby, do take your camera along and capture some spectacular Instagrammable snaps.

  1. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Home to more than 500 species of endangered, rare, and endemic bird species, this is among the top Idukki tourist places for birdwatchers. Nestled comfortably amid thick forests and lush green trees, this is the ideal place to spot some of the most beautiful birds in the region. Water is provided for the birds and animals of the sanctuary by tributaries of the gorgeous Periyar River that flow through here. Besides beautiful birds, you can also spot animals such as bears, leopards, and porcupines among others.

  1. Nadukani

Nadukani is among the most stunning places to visit in Idukki. Ideal for those who love mountain-top views, Nadukani is an endearing hilltop area. It’s one of the top places to visit in Idukki for those with a fascination for viewpoints. You’ll be able to enjoy majestic views of the breathtaking landscape beneath as well as the nearby villages. There is a fabulous two-story awning that makes it that much more convenient to enjoy the views. It’s a popular picnic spot as well.

With so many incredible places to visit in Idukki, make plans to visit this gorgeous region at once! Book India cheap tickets from USA or anywhere else in the world and come to explore this remarkable region in Kerala. Enjoy the most offbeat vacation ever! Also, share your role reversal.

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