5 Compelling Reasons You Need a Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM

Before we talk about the best real estate CRM systems, we need to talk about two very vital things – CRM itself, and why real estate requires CRM. Let us begin with CRM and dive right into the topic. CRM or customer relationship management would entail the recording and use of information in a way that the relevant function calls up the relevant information. This is also a good way to actually sift through all the big data that is swirling around us and threatening to confuse us as we indulge in the act of running our business. So why do we need CRM really?

CRM is the secret tool that is not so secret in the world if business any longer. Since its humble beginnings and eventual evolution over the last decade or so, CRM has come to enjoy place or pride in the planning and running of many a business. There are over thousands of business owners the world, who take on a CRM system as an investment that can help reach the business goals and make the business more scalable in lesser amount of time. This has been matched with the evolution of digital marketing online which also shows us two sides of the same coin – opportunities and challenges.

The opportunities in digital marketing are tremendous. With digital marketing, you can reach and engage with many more people with a far lesser budget than you would allot for traditional forms of media and adverting like newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, among others. Yet, this is also where the challenge comes in. The sheer competition involved has made it imperative to articulate yourself in the words that would resonate with the exact needs of your customers. This would engage them. And this would also mean that you would have to sift through tons of data, otherwise also known as big data. Do you and your team members have the time and the bandwidth to be able to process all this data into relevant nuggets that can help you as you go along your sales and marketing pipeline? The answer for most people would be a resounding no, since business owners would typically want to make more revenue with less effort. This is where CRM enters.

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With real estate the challenges are even greater since visual story telling is all over the Internet and social media. It can be quite a task to stand out with targeted campaigns which would show what you have and how well you have understood your customer’s needs. The best real estate CRM platform would have to be used for this. You can also use some of the free real estate CRM platforms that are available out there.

Here are the reasons your real estate business needs CRM:

  • Information

The main thing is design your real estate business as a one stop information database that can be called up for the various functions within the real estate space and the functions that come up when you are trying to sell property. So, the free real estate CRM platform would be able to help you in this regard by creating databases as per these functions and the exact needs of the customers as far as each function is concerned. You should be able to use the databases at the touch of a button or tab so that you are able to achieve conversions that much faster. The information management and processing function is by far the most important one for your real estate business.

  • Collaborations

It is a well known fact that there are many people who are involved in a real estate deal or a real estate purchase. The best real estate CRM would have to fashioned in a way that can help you collaborate with all these people in your sales pipeline so that you can properly engage with your customers and build your reputation as a reliable one as well. You should be able to work with other parties who would be involved in everything from the showings to the financing and the other aspects like tying up with the seller and the real estate agents as well.

  • Managing Leads

Any real estate agent will tell you this – they get a number of calls and leads in a single day against a single property. And a lot of real estate agents typically handle a number of properties. So the leads need to be managed in a systematic way that can easily be done by a free real estate CRM for your real estate business. This can easily help you stay abreast of the engagement process as the rest of the mundane and monotonous functions would be handled by the CRM platform in a seamless manner.

  • Track the Buyers

To be able to put up a more pro active and professional front, you would need a fair amount of tracking and analysis on various well known portals like Zillow so that you know where the customers really are. This would also point you in the direction of the various properties and get an understanding of what kind of lifestyles these customers would be aspiring for. So, you should get the best real estate CRM that can help you organize these details even as the tracking and analysis is automated so that you have all your data processed and waiting for you to act on!

  • Transaction Management

The best real estate CRM process would work well after the actual sale has been made. The transaction process would also be managed by the CRM platform so that the various parties can all provide the various clauses that would make the contract and the paper work can be in place. You should take care of such things with the free real estate CRM so that you gain a reputation for stellar transaction management and your clients refer you to more and more people in their circle too!

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