The Five Most Common Healthcare Occupations

Healthcare Occupations

Healthcare is a highly diverse field, with something for everyone to do, regardless of their background or level of experience. These roles require over a decade of training and practice. Other roles might only require a passion for attending to patient needs. Whatever your dream medical specialty is, your aspirations are valid, and you’re not too late. Now might even be the best time.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the healthcare sector will grow by eighteen percent in the next few years. As an aspiring health practitioner, this means there are numerous employment opportunities to leverage for career growth. Here are five of the most common healthcare occupations that every type of healthcare professional to consider.

1. Physician Assistant (PA)

PAs can be assigned to a specific doctor or a hospital department, depending on the patient inflow. They can work as aides to any doctor on duty, examining patients, obtaining patient histories, and ordering and interpreting medical tests. PAs even play a huge role in theatres and assist doctors during surgeries.

Unlike medical assistants, PAs can work directly with patients, developing and managing treatment plans based on the diagnosis. For this reason, they need active clinical training and experience. PA programs span  three years, and involve both  classroom and clinical work to give students an all-around understanding of roles as PAs. You may need to pass an interview to gain admission into an accredited school.

2. Assisted Living Nurse

Nurses can work in various settings, including assisted living homes (housing facilities for persons living with disabilities and seniors). Assisted living nurses provide a wide range of support services for these patients, from assisting older adults during physical activities to filling out medications. You can also apply for senior living caregiver jobs that allow you to stay in the facility to provide your undivided attention to the resident’s patients.

3. Medical Assistant

A medical assistant career can be a considerable health care career option if you fancy working directly with a doctor but lack the necessary theatre and wardroom skills. Medical assistants serve as personal assistants to doctors and they serve the best medical facilities. They focus on managing the doctor’s office and handling all administrative tasks, from drafting reports to scheduling appointments.

Medical assistants can work with doctors in both private and public fields. There’s a high demand for medical assistants in the United States. Becoming a medical assistant is not as intensive as in other healthcare fields. However, note that most employers require their medical assistants to take the certified medical administrative assistant exam.

4. Physical Therapist

Preventive healthcare is increasingly gaining ground, gradually becoming a top choice for many patients, especially those who prefer alternative medications and treatments to going under the knife. That’s where physical therapists come in. Physical therapists are well known for using alternative strategies like exercise routines to manage chronic pain and accident injuries.

Doctors can refer patients to physical therapists for analysis and treatment. Even though physical therapy works well for  injury victims, many patients don’t wait until they are injured before they see their physical therapists. They add it to their list of regular checkups.

5. Pharmacist

A survey conducted in 74 countries reveals that there are over 4 million licensed pharmacists worldwide. Pharmacists can work as over-the-counter or prescription practitioners based on their experience level. They can also work in pharmaceutical companies researching and manufacturing new formulas to battle diseases. They also provide online pharmacy services to shine in the pharmacy industry.

All in all, increasing one’s overall health levels has become crucial for many individuals, especially after the pandemic, which has increased the demand for qualified health care professionals. You’re free to assess other options if your dream health care profession is in this article.

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