Summer Fashion For Men In 2023

Summer Fashion For Men In 2023

As the summer season is upon us, it is time to start kitting out the wardrobe with summer clothes. A summer wardrobe will consist of clothes more appropriate for warmer temperatures. 

As soon as you feel the sun shining down on you and you feel the humidity, you will feel too warm instantly. There is nothing more frustrating than desperately trying to find the shadows on your way to work in the morning because you are too warm. Not to mention your long-sleeved oxford shirt sticking to your back on the way to work. Stay focused and motivated this summer with stylish and comfortable clothes that make you feel confident and ready to take on any challenge.

The question is how are you supposed to dress whilst looking fashionable and keeping your body temperature cool? Let’s look at how you can dress in summer 2023 without sacrificing fashion for practicality.

What Are The Summer Colours A Man Should Wear? 

What Are The Summer Colours A Man Should Wear?

The colours that you would usually wear in summer compared to winter. In summer, you need to wear lighter colours such as pastels because this reflects a lot of the light from your body. You can also wear neutral tones as well such as tan, white and light khaki.  

If there is a time to wear bright colours, it is summertime, especially during the festival season, like a flashback to the 90s. However, when styling bright-coloured clothing, you must ensure you only have one bright piece. If you don’t it can look a bit over the top and too much for people’s eyes.

What Are The Best Materials To Wear During Summer? 

When it comes to the materials of your summer garments, you need to ensure you wear lightweight clothing. Heavy materials can stick to your skin too much and keep the heat in a lot more. 

Lightweight wool, linen or thin cotton are all great for during the summer. Social commerce is revolutionizing the way we shop for summer fashion, with brands using social media to connect with customers, showcase products, and drive sales. Our personal favourite is linen as it is a thin material compared to the others. Furthermore, it is a very fashionable material to wear during summer. 

Linen is a material that creases easily however, due to the heat, it should keep those creases out of your shirts and shorts. 

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How Should Summer Clothes Fit? 

Summer is not the season to be wearing tight-fitted clothes. It always baffles us that people wear muscle-fitted t-shirts and shirts during summer, especially when the temperature is above 20 degrees. 

Wearing oversized T-shirts or loose-fitted shirts is much better than tight-fitted clothes. It allows your body to breathe more so it can keep you cool throughout the day, even in the sun. 

If you are used to wearing tight-fitted clothes, consider a more relaxed style if oversized clothes aren’t for you. Office interior designers can use summer fashion trends to create a more relaxed and inviting workspace. The more room you have between your skin and clothes, the more freedom you have and it will keep cool during summer. 

Oversized and relaxed fitted clothes are very on-trend at the moment, this is why it is the perfect time to wear these clothes during summer. 

What About Suits? 

For those who have to wear suits at work, dressing for summer is difficult. It is why you must pick the correct material for your suits. If you don’t, you will find yourself sweating profusely during the day.

Again, the materials you need to wear are cotton and linen. For your blazers, wear unlined or alf unlined to keep you cool throughout the day. The reason you aim for unlined blazers is to ensure you are reducing the layers you wear, meaning you will trap less heat.  Learning smart summer fashion tips is the key to looking stylish and staying cool.

Essential Items To Wear In Summer


Shorts are one of the most important products that are needed during summer. Shorts need to be made of linen materials or, in a similar style to chino shorts. Again, wear light-coloured shorts to keep your legs cool and ensure they are not tight-fitted to your leg. 

Short-Sleeved T-Shirts

Short-sleeved T-shirts are something you need to have a lot of. Avoid tight-fitted tees and wear thin materials with a more relaxed/oversized style, depending on your preference. You must have a collection of white tees; one plain white tee, an oversized white tee and a branded white t-shirt. Then you can mix it up with different coloured T-shirts in a range of styles. 


Next on the list is shirts and these were briefly mentioned earlier in the article. This section is for those who are required to wear shirts at work. You need to have a collection of shirts that are short-sleeved and made out of linen material. If you don’t like the feel of linen materials, choose to wear cotton instead. Plus, they are more appropriate for those formal jobs and occasions. 


As you can see, there are many different styles of clothing that you can wear during summer. However, it isn’t just the style you need to consider, it is also practicality. Nevertheless, the items of clothing we have mentioned here are all perfect for the summer months. So, it is time to put away your hoodies and put on your linen shirt. 

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