Impact of IoT Technology on Education Today

Impact of IoT Technology

Technology has implemented itself in every single segment of our lives, from socialization to professional development. IoT (Internet of Things) Technology has been a huge revelation at first but has become an everyday instance for most of us. Today, IoT powers our everyday routines, our business ventures, as well as our educational system.

The impact of IoT on education in 2021 is stronger than ever and is continuing to grow.  We’re here to break it down for you and help you understand just how much has changed in educational systems across the world thanks to the IoT.

Let’s take a closer look together:

  • Increase in Student Efficiency

Today’s students are the generation that has a strong technological foundation that allows them to use IoT freely and actively.

This technology helps today’s students improve their efficiency by making those everyday redundant actions automated.

That means that students can speed up:

  • note-taking
  • organizing their schedules
  • doing research online
  • comprehending lessons
  • doing homework, projects, and assignments

Today, a student can have full access to all the information they need, regardless of where they are. They have it all on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops with them at all times.

  • Boost in Teacher Efficiency

Teachers also get to enjoy a boost in efficiency, since using IoT helps them automatize the redundant actions they’ve been doing for years.

Unlike a teacher some 15 years ago, today’s teachers don’t have to:

  • copy and handout written materials
  • manually grade tests
  • take attendance at the beginning of every class

The whole classroom is connected, and today, we have systems that detect the students who are present and mark the attendance for the teacher.

This has a positive effect on the teaching process since the teachers have more time to focus on what matters the most- transferring their knowledge to the students.

  • Reducing Costs

IoT technology is doing another great thing for schools and educational systems across the globe. It’s helping them reduce their costs and become far more cost-efficient.

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Schools today get to save money on things such as:

  • paper
  • printed schoolbooks and manuals
  • renewable energy
  • operating costs

Schools are starting over with IoT and are finding new ways to reduce their costs or simply redirect the money into something much more useful and meaningful.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience

Think about the way students used to study and get their education 15-20 years ago. They’d attend lessons, take notes, ask the teachers some questions, and head home to try and soak it all in.

Today, this whole experience is enhanced thanks to the IoT.

Students can:

  • access lesson materials at all times, at all places
  • easily contact their peers or teachers
  • research for important information within seconds

Students today choose their own pace of learning and create the conditions they need to acquire the knowledge they’re being given.

  • Safety Improvement

IoT technology is causing the appearance of smart schools all over the US as well as the rest of the world. Even if the schools aren’t completely smart-equipped, most educational institutions are investing in improved safety systems.

That’s why today we have schools that use:

  • identity cards for students and all employees
  • wristbands that are digitalized
  • tracking systems on school property
  • tracking systems in school buses
  • powerful servers protecting data
  • security cameras

Student safety is one of the top priorities at our school, and we’ve implemented a smart system that lets us know exactly who’s on school property, when, and why. It makes all of us feel much more safe and protected.

  • Interactive Classes

Thanks to the IoT technology implementation in the classrooms, classes are becoming far more interactive and effective. Students have the chance to soak in the knowledge more efficiently and successfully.

All of this is happening thanks to:

  • smartboards
  • VR equipment
  • cloud-based systems
  • IoT devices for exploring new topics

Students now have an enhanced, improved, and boosted learning experience that is far more powerful than what the previous generations had.

Today’s students get to see and experience things using IoT and putting the old-fashioned printed student’s books in history.

  • Improved Lesson Plans

The typical lesson plans we’ve dealt with in the past are outdated. They were based on a generic plan that should’ve fit the needs of all students in the classroom, which was impossible.

This is why some students found it harder to comprehend information than others.

However, today’s teachers have the chance to use IoT to construct and implement smart lesson plans, based on their experience with each group of students and their progress.

Teachers get to:

  • write lesson plans that are rich in visuals, audios, or infographics
  • adjust to specific groups of students
  • record their lessons and share the materials easily

Not to mention that the classroom can be completely remote, allowing students from different parts of the world to join the lesson and get their education.

This is making the whole world available for students who can now choose to receive knowledge from someone across the globe.

Final Thoughts

A lot has changed thanks to the invention and implementation of IoT, and the educational system has had quite a boost. Everyone involved, including teachers, students, and school management benefit from this technology and use it to improve every segment of the educational system.

Hopefully, the list above helped you understand just how important and meaningful technology can be when it’s used for a great cause, such as improving the education of people all over the globe.

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