How Audi Q7 Serves Steady Performance and Quality Control Over XC90 To Win Hearts?

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How everyone wishes to have those stunning luxury SUVs standing in front of their driveway, adding colors to their elegance and class! And yes, it is absolutely possible if you have the all-new 2017 Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7 parked in front of your house. The entire segment of luxury SUVs can never be hotter when these two models stand side by side. However, those who are car enthusiasts or have had a great deal of experience in Audi repair knows that even though these two vehicles exist in the same segment, they are a lot different from one another.

Which One Is Better- the Audi Q7 or the Volvo XC90?

Well, that’s the trickiest question of the lot, as both of them are offering something new. Considering the Audi Q7, it never fails to bring in the latest gadgets, the gizmos, all their engineering advancements that too the 3-row family crossover. And concerning the Volvo XC90, it only brought in more changes and a much-upgraded vehicle than that was for the first time. Each and every electronic interface has been upgraded, and all the complaints that it received from the customers were sorted out in this new launch. So ultra luxury is what the brand is ready to provide.

Audi repair
Often there are car lovers who have shown an affinity towards vehicles which give the feeling of riding big heavy vehicles and give a rock solid grounded feeling on road. And it is the German touch that is being loved. However, the Q7 is going to give this feel and the level of sophistication that Q7 provides cannot be matched by the XC90 for sure. But on the contrary, the XC90 wins the heart of people who love lighter vehicles that have a smooth handling nature. As the Q7 is much heavier, it might give a cumbersome feeling at the corners. So the Volvo with sharper edges makes the ride much more engaging at sharp bends and turns.

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People aware of the car mechanism has somehow preferred the XC90 whenever the safety grounds have been taken into consideration, but going by the specs the Q7 from Audi Greensboro NC stands nowhere less than it. Apart from the full set of complementary airbags, the XC90 has got the forward collision warning and automatic braking system which helps the drivers to detect the pedestrians and other vehicles on road. All the standard safety features are installed in both the XC90 and Q7, but there’s just a little edge added to the Volvo XC90 as they have integrated their self-designed Pilot Assist II system that gives a semi-autonomous driving function even when the vehicle is running at 80 miles per hour. To match this, even the Q7 has got its adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring. However, both the Q7 and XC90 has passed the crash test that is being run by the Government.

At first glance, the Volvo might steal away the deal, but a closer look will give the Audi Q7 the necessary edge. However, the struggle between the two will go on as no one is ready to leave even an inch of ground to the other.

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