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There was a show called “Dragnet.” It was a police procedural television show, all about solving the crime and keeping people safe. It would be a bit silly but laughable, one phrase always comes to mind from this show. Whenever Detective Jack Webb found clues, he would always say, “Find the facts, just find the facts.”. This can be a great mantra for an argumentative essay. The only thing you need to deal with and focus on is facts and evidences. If you want to buy argumentative essay, you can, but make sure you know what to expect from that essay.

What are the facts and evidence?

Evidence is also the facts used to support an argument, but they are not proofs and only the indicators that the argument might be true. Whereas facts are true pieces of information. If you find it difficult to understand how to gather these facts and evidence, you should avail argumentative essay help.

What is an argumentative essay? and What is it not?

If you are struggling to figure out, how to write an argumentative essay to impress your audience and score well, begin with understanding what it actually is. Otherwise, there is always an option to buy argumentative essay.

Following are a few points to help you to know the purpose of argumentative essay:

  1. You get to give your views on both the sides of an issue. One side or the other is presented forcefully in such a piece of writing.
  2. Make sure that you don’t get into an emotional declamation.
  3. To support your every opinion, you need to present facts, otherwise, it will be a weak argument.
  4. No one is going to simply accept your opinion if you just spout your thoughts and views.
  5. The opposing side of the issue must also be presented in the arguments. You have to prove the opposite side weak.
  6. You cannot insult or attack the opposing side. You can not dismiss it without shreds of evidence.
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Now you may be clear with the definition of an argumentative essay. To take stand on any controversial issue, you need to gather plenty of real facts with you for both sides of the issue. Write an essay that presents your opinion and if mistook in justifying any of your points the goal is in the opposite court.

You don’t want to lose, right?

To provide you more argumentative essay help below is given a step-by-step process for crafting your document.

Pick an interesting topic-

There are plenty of hot topics around the world and uncountable arguments for which you can write an essay. Look around you, turn on the TV and watch any news channel, discovery TV, etc. The debates are all about screaming and yelling about the issues like politics, gay rights, religion, etc. Choose a topic that interests and challenges you the most.

Create an effective thesis statement-

May be you already have an opinion with you, but don’t make it your thesis statement. It should not be simple. Make sure that you exactly know how to convince your audience to completely agree with you, without any doubts left. You can buy argumentative essay from expert writers to see a sample.

Do research work-

You can easily get plenty of research results for your topic, the difficult part is to identify and gather relevant and reliable information by identifying credible sources from the numerous sources. Gather the rich factual information by reading the papers written by other authors on the same issue.

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Make two lists-

Make two separate lists, one for the evidence that you have collected in support of your opinion and another list for the evidence that helps you in opposing the counter-part. Arrange all the facts and evidence to write in a proper manner.

Solid facts for arguments-

Choose at least three strong arguments in support of the viewpoint you favor. Make sure that you provide solid facts to back up them. Relate to the opponent’s list and look how can you outweigh your powerful points over the opposition. For more guidance, you can avail argumentative essay help.

Create a structure-

Arrange your data in such a way that you begin with an attention-grabbing introduction i.e. your first paragraph. Then work on the thesis statement that is included in the introduction, focus properly on the thesis statement. Next three paragraphs go for the most informative part i.e. the body. End with a conclusion in which you refer back to every point by restating your argument.


This is very easy. It must be interesting and you have to make it brilliant.


Rephrase your points and an authoritative approach that you are the winner. This is the last impression on the mind of the reader, so make it very effective.

Following are a few tips that can make your writing crafty:

  1. Choose a topic you are passionate about. You will have fun in smashing the other side.
  2. You can stir emotions in your readers but there should be no emotion on your part.
  3. Don’t be disrespectful to the opposing side and avoid using words like evil, stupid, etc.
  4. Firstly try to press the opposing side.
  5. Don’t try to make fake evidence because it is easy to check nowadays.
  6. Cite your sources from where you took direct information.
  7. Get a friend and tell to read your essay. Ask if he/she was persuaded by your essay.
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If you are not able to write your essay due to any reason, don’t risk to skip it as it may make you lose your marks.

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