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We encourage writers from all backgrounds to pitch their article ideas. We provide entrepreneurs and small-scale writers an amazing opportunity to gain large-scale attention and a platform to share their thoughts with the world. We do not compromise on quality, as we believe quality should be put before quantity, and we will never make exceptions to the rule.

What articles do we publish?

The content on is focused on technology, business, and education, as well as finances, health, careers, and fashion. We seek writers or authors interested in contributing to our writing to publish original pieces that explain how large, medium-sized and small-sized businesses or new ventures started their journey, the secrets to their success, and how companies use new ideas and strategies to create an influential presence in the world.

Our topics include:

  • We feature guest articles about starting an enterprise, expanding a company, and business ideas, including plans, tips, and guides for starting a business.
  • All marketing blogs, such as the internet marketing industry, digital marketing, the use of social media in marketing and advertising, marketing via email, and search engine optimization.
  • Content related to personal finances and cryptocurrency, money and investment, forex, and financial planning.
  • Fashion articles cover beauty products, tips on how to style them according to a certain style, and the latest trends in fashion.

We cover a vast number of categories for guest post submission. Some of the top categories are given below:

  • technology + write for us
  • travel + write for us
  • business + write for us
  • health + write for us
  • education + write for us
  • finance + write for us
  • lifestyle + write for us
  • shopping + write for us
  • fitness + write for us

How to pitch your content idea?

  • Choose your topic before you create an appeal for your article submission; we’d like to ask that you go through our previous articles and then think of three unique content ideas that you’d love to write about, and which could make for a great detailed, well-researched post.
  • If you’ve pitched your idea for an article, we’ll pick one of the topics you’ve suggested from the possibilities and make it available for you to write about.
  • We would prefer that contributions are submitted in the form of Google Docs since this allows editors to offer feedback and direction more quickly and effortlessly within the draft.
  • When creating subheads, include the appropriate titles, H1 tags, and H2 tags when appropriate.
  • After your submission is accepted, you will be informed by email within one or two days from normal working hours. If everything goes to plan, we’ll publish your article within a week and inform you in an email about the publication.

The content guidelines for the Personal Post (free) are listed below. If you are interested in other posts, then email us at

Personal Post Guidelines (Free Submission) world of contents is designed with a set of guidelines that will help you understand the requirements for posting blogs or stories. Our writing base reflects what we accept and what is, unacceptable. So, before publishing your writings, we would like you to view this page and read our content guidelines.

Content Guidelines

  • The author must have good command over English language (no other language allowed) and its counterparts like ‘Grammar’, ‘error-free spellings’, ‘sentence structure’, and the content should be meaningful.
  • You must provide appropriate content which should be of high quality, error-free and original.
  • The content must contain images, sub-headings, quotes & punch lines.
  • The content must not be related to Gambling, Poker, casino or pornography.
  • The content must not contain more than one no-follow hyperlink in Author Bio. However, it can contain multiple referential high quality non-promotional links in article body.
  • The content must contain at least two internal links to the in the article body. You may visit story categories to explore the relevant post.
  • The content must not be promotional & must contain a minimum of 800 words.
  • The content must contain the ‘Author Bio’ of not more than 50 words.
  • All the above points are equally important to us. Read it carefully!

If your content meets above content guidelines, then submit your post idea by contacting us at We will get back to you shortly.

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