Zardari and Article 62′ 63

After the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, news are in circles that amendments will be made in article 62 & 63 of constitution of Pakistan. On the other hand Zardari had been cleared from all the cases by court. The timing of all this isn’t just a coincidence and wants a clear debate.

As the disqualification of Nawaz by a preplanned conspiracy is now an acceptable statement, for avoiding such non constitutional measures Nawaz clearly explained his strategy of amending some articles of constitution, He said that “As long as the basic structure of this system does not change, Pakistan will continue to suffer. We will make sure that efforts to change the constitution begin right away, he further said “we will have to change the constitution and system to protect democratically elected governments.”

But as we know for amending the constitution he needed the support of PPP lead by Zardari (behind the screen), but some powerful people weren’t happy by this decision of Nawaz Sharif because by having so the graph of their POLITICAL (Non constitutional) Power was about to fall. Luckily this Amendments also suited Zardari before the decision of court on 26th of August because his was also facing similar type of threat from the cases against him in the NAB.

Those unnamed power people had the fear that Zardari will vote in favor of Nawaz Sharif, which will politically hunt them in future, so they through their influence cleared Zardari in a 12 years old case so that Zardari had non to be worried of and he openly oppose the amendments, which he is doing. He in his recent statement said that next assembly will decide about amendment in article 62 and 63 of the constitution.

The way Zardari was cleared is also a debatable topic, How all his evidence were shown missing?, How the Person who received foreign Evidence against Zardari was allowed to go outside Pakistan?, How in hurry this case was closed ?, How Dr.Asim was released ? All these can not be coincidently happening at the same time.

It seems that establishment is looking for another political piece for them selves, they seemed to be disappointed by Qadri and Imran, And it also looks that would be successful in getting one.

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